Sally's Story

Sally's Story - Dermacton TestimonialName: Rita Brookes

Comments: Well I will try to keep this brief because I have a lot to say.
If the person who first formulated "Dermacton" was standing in front of me now I would kiss them. this has been the course of events over the last 10 years!
Little Sally - cross collie starts chewing her stomach then over a few years moves on to her feet. She chews and chews until she can hardly walk.
Treatment -
1.anal glands emptied every two weeks.
2.baths twice per week in malaseb antifungal shampoo.
3.evening primrose and cod liver oil supplements.
4.Piriton antihistamine 4 PER DAY!
5.alergy test £300 (over $500) result dust mite but this could change to other alergens.
6. dog boots - uncomfortable but at least to stop her causing such damage.
7.last resort - steroids yes they stop the itching but ruin the dogs health and eventualy kill it.
I love my dogs dearly and to see an otherwise very healthy animal crippling her self because of an alergy has been very upsetting not to mention expensive and hard work, its been like having a part time job. I watch her every minute of the day so that I can stop her chewing. Even in the night she sleeps by my bed and I am conditioned to the noise she makes. It has been an absolute torment for every one.
After this it seems inadequate just to say your cream works - it is a miracle. She has not touched her feet since I started using it and is now running around like a puppy.
You can use this email any way you like even leave my email address on, I only wish all vets could be made aware of your product because I know there are many people and dogs out there with the same dilemma and I know they will have to resort to steroids.
So thankyou THANKYOU!
Yours Rita Brookes

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