Is your dogs itching driving you and your dog crazy? Red, inflamed, itchy skin conditions unrelated to allergies are a bugger. Your dog will itch to the point of baldness in spots. Then, comes direct scratching and cutting of the skin which can lead to bacterial infections and compounding of the problem.

Before we discovered DERMACTON, we tried countless homemade remedies, recipes, and various concoctions that we found on the internet. In the quest to find a cure for our dog Tasha's itchy red rash and save money - we actually ended up spending WAY more than we had to in the months before we found DERMACTON. We even bought some other products that were advertised as being gentle on the skin and all natural, etc. in the USA (sorry, but we won't name them!) that didn't work for us at all. Our main quest was to avoid the expensive veterinarians STEROID based creams, with all their potential side effects.

Yeah. Yeah. We realize we sound like an infomercial for this stuff - but, it really was a miracle cure for our beloved Pit Bulls itchy, scratchy skin condition. And, since we love dogs and hate to see them suffering - we had to bring this miracle cure product to America by importing it from the UK.

It worked so FAST and our dog essentially stopped itching within minutes of the FIRST application. The healing was evident in a matter of days, and after everything we had tried to say we were stunned seems like an understatement.

After FDA clearance to import, we can now offer buyers in the USA ONLY these wonderful products as the sole importer via!

Better yet - these products are GUARANTEED to work.

How many products do you buy that are backed by the manufacturers 100% guarantee? How many products have you purchased that just don't work?


Wendy said…
I love pitbulls because when they are happy they smile!
Courtney said…
What is the product called and where do I find it? I looked on the link you provided and all I saw was First-Aid cream and itchy ear drops. Need to know the exact product that relieved your dogs cronically itchy skin.
Please help!!
Equinat-USA said…
It's called DERMACTON! You can buy it from the UK at
Joe said…
Dermacton is on the USA website again:

It worked for my dog.

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