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Due to popular demand, we now have Dermacton in the convenient SPRAY form available for buyers in the USA. Perfect for dogs with longer coats and for use on larger areas of your dogs body. Check it out here.

Soothe your dogs itchy, scratchy skin condition with PetNat Dermacton. Imported from the UK for sales directly to the end user in the USA by Not sold in Stores

Dermacton is a 100% all natural product, formated for canine use. Treat your dogs irritated skin conditions gently and effectively. We guarantee these products work. See what our customers are saying about these fine products here.

Also available in the original Dermacton CREAM formula.

Westie Skin Condition

Check out these pictures of Jake, an 11 year old Westie dog, with sore skin & hair loss before treatment with Dermacton®.Here's Westie Jake below before treatment. Despite regular bathing with antifungal shampoos, this sore patch had been present for 6 months. Ouch! Poor Jake - that looks sore.

For more pictures of Jake see the testimonials!

PetNat Ultrasalve - First Aid for your Dog

First Aid for your dog- PetNat Ultrasalve® ointment is effective for use directly on cuts, bites, open wounds, sore paws, scrapes and irritations on your dogs skin. You have a first aid kit for yourself - why not have one for your dog BEFORE an incident occurs? Ideal for multi dog households and high energy dogs who tend to get more knocks and scrapes than the average dog. As well as the pampered pooch who sleeps on your bed who gets the occasional hot spot from constant licking.

PetNat Ultrasalve is a 100% all NATURAL steroid free formula. NOT available in stores in the USA.See our customers comments and photographs PROOF these products work!

Only available from EQUINAT-USA and the manufacturer Aromesse in the United Kingdom.


Does your dog have itchy, scratchy ears? Scratching and digging at an itch can drive both you and your dog crazy.

We've now imported a brand NEW product from the UK that is now available for dog lovers in the USA. PetNat Itchy Ear Drops for dogs as well as another NEW product, Ear Cleaner for your dog. Also available in a combo pack with both products.

All natural formulation. No harmful or hazardous chemical ingredients. 100% guaranteed to work.

You have nothing to lose, and your dog has everything to gain!

**** Do NOT use if your Dog has a perforated ear drum ****

More information about the line of ALL NATURAL PetNat Dog healing products can be found here.

The text contained herein is not intended to replace medical advice or direction obtained from a licensed veterinary professional. Alw…

The NEW website is UP!

The new website is up and running. Now, buyers in the USA can purchase these all natural healing products in various quantities and combinations for their dogs and horses using all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover - as well as the convenience of PayPal Express checkout.

No potentially harmful chemical ingredients, no steroids - 100% natural healing remedies for your itchy dogs and horses skin problems; first aid for wounds, cuts, hot spots, scratches and abrasions and more.

Check out all of the natural healing formulas we have for dogs here.

These products are imported from the manufacturer in the UK so buyers in the USA can get the relief their animals need FAST. We sell directly to the end user - the consumer to keep costs down and eliminate the middle man.

See the proof in pictures and read the testimonials!