Does your dog have itchy, scratchy ears? Scratching and digging at an itch can drive both you and your dog crazy.

We've now imported a brand NEW product from the UK that is now available for dog lovers in the USA. PetNat Itchy Ear Drops for dogs as well as another NEW product, Ear Cleaner for your dog. Also available in a combo pack with both products.

All natural formulation. No harmful or hazardous chemical ingredients. 100% guaranteed to work.

You have nothing to lose, and your dog has everything to gain!

**** Do NOT use if your Dog has a perforated ear drum ****

More information about the line of ALL NATURAL PetNat Dog healing products can be found here.

The text contained herein is not intended to replace medical advice or direction obtained from a licensed veterinary professional. Always obtain the advice of a veterinary professional before treating your animal or animals.


Diane FL said…
Awesome! I cannot wait to try these, we were hoping there would be ear ointment, ever since trying dermacton. It worked miracles on my teacup Yorkie - Missy. Thank you so much.
Carmen said…
Got you ear care combo pack to keep because dog ultrasalve worked real fast on my beagle Barney. He gets itching at his ears some time and this is waiting to use it.
Staff said…
We've recently completed a test with the new PetNat Itchy Ear Drops for dogs on our beloved Pit Bull and it worked wonders. Check out the testimonials page on the website!

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