PetNat Ultrasalve - First Aid for your Dog

First Aid for your dog - PetNat Ultrasalve® ointment is effective for use directly on cuts, bites, open wounds, sore paws, scrapes and irritations on your dogs skin. You have a first aid kit for yourself - why not have one for your dog BEFORE an incident occurs? Ideal for multi dog households and high energy dogs who tend to get more knocks and scrapes than the average dog. As well as the pampered pooch who sleeps on your bed who gets the occasional hot spot from constant licking.

PetNat Ultrasalve is a 100% all NATURAL steroid free formula. NOT available in stores in the USA.
See our customers comments and photographs PROOF these products work!

Only available from EQUINAT-USA and the manufacturer Aromesse in the United Kingdom.


Rita Peterson said…
Ultrasalve is great for elbow callouses. My great Dane had callouses for years. I purchased ultrasalve to help heal a burst cyst on his back and applied it to his callouses just because it worked so well on his cyst wound and I had lots left. The callouses softened and came off and he has some fur regrowth. His Callouses were pretty cosmetic but is is nice to see them gone. I love Ultrasalve and have used it cuts and burn on myself. If it is good enough for my dog, then it is good enough for me.

Thank you so much!
Sales Team said…
Thank you for the comments regarding PetNat Ultrasalve Rita! We wish you would have taken before and after photographs for the testimonial page, but... your words truly do say it all.

We appreciate our customers spreading the word about these wonderful all natural healing products for dogs.


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