Treating Ear Problems in Dogs

PetNat Ear Drops Work!

You may have seen our Pit Bull Tasha on the about us page here. She has suffered from a chronic fungal ear condition in her left ear for the last 6 years. Damp weather seemed to aggravate it further. Nothing we tried seemed to help her for long. She was always itching it, and the left ear never stood up like the right one (as you can see in the BEFORE picture)… when it bothered her most, she held her entire head tilted to the left.

After trying several meds unsuccessfully, the last one she was prescribed by the Veterinarian was Malotic Ointment. After going through a few tubes of it on and off with repeated trips to the Vet in between, the condition never seemed to improve other than soothing it for a very short time. Like a few hours.

This steroid based medication, Malotic has a TON of side effects, We needed a gentler treatment and one that worked. We asked the manufacturer of the PetNat product line Aromesse in the UK to help our dog's chronic ear condition. And, we received PetNat Ear Drops.

We cannot believe that Tasha is now holding her ear up as high as the good ear as you can see in the picture above. We are both grateful and relieved for the quick results. For a week beginning May 1st, 2008, we administered the PetNat Ear Drops every day, twice a day. Since then she has been getting the Ear Drops as needed, usually twice a week. The AFTER picture shown above was taken on May 30th and you can clearly see that her left ear has returned to normal carriage.

The PetNat Ear Drops had a dramatic effect right away for Tasha! When first applied, the itching was relieved throughout the night. Previously, she would batter her ear from furious scratching, to the point that she would literally cry out and yelp from digging it so hard. The back of her ear had a hairless, leathery appearance, which has now disappeared. Pit Bulls have a high pain threshold, and it hurt us to hear her hurting and feel helpless to find her any long lasting relief.

Tasha has always been a happy dog, but now she is happier than ever because she can enjoy swimming again without repercussions.

Thanks to Aromesse we don't have to watch our dog suffer with a chronic ear condition any longer. PetNat Ear Drops did in a month what prescribed medications from the Vet could not do over the last 6 years. To say we are beyond thrilled seems like an understatement!

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