Hair Regrowth for Dogs with DERMACTON

Meet "Ebony" - a 10 month old Cavelier King Charles Spaniel - Ebony's owner Veronica Hull chose to use Dermacton to soothe her dogs sore skin, and soften it to get it back into a condition which would support her dogs hair regrowth.

See her dogs amazing results in the before and after photos below with just 5 weeks of treatment with Dermacton!

see the Testimonials page for more info and pictures of Dermacton in action


Nancy said…
wow that is really something. that poor dog looked funny with out the hair glad it worked for them. i will be buying soon my dog has some hotspots this could help
Anonymous said…
Holy shit! I can't believe the hair regrowth on that poor dog its amazeing. Maybe it would work on my hubbys bald head LOL
Josh said…
Dermacton saved me and my lab Mack. The itching and scratching was driving me crazy at night waking me up all hours. First time I used dermacton on him he didn't itch AT ALL the whole night!!!!! Plus the red botchy spots all healed up. I tell everybody about this stuff. My vet wanted me to buy expensive steroid creams and I couldn't afford it at the time. Now I'm glad I didn't and found something cheap that does work.
Anonymous said…
I guess you will want to add a facebook button to your blog. Just bookmarked the site, although I had to complete this by hand. Just my advice.
equinat-USA said…
Thanks for the suggestion on adding the quick link button for facebook (and twitter)... we have been so busy at work behind the scenes that what seemed to be such an obvious detail was overlooked!

:) Thanks again for your input.
Gregg said…
Never saw anything like it. Remarkable.

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