Shihtzu's Remarkable Healing Story

After only 8 weeks of the application of Dermacton, hair growth has commenced on poor Shamus the Shihtzu!

Read more about Shamus here.


Janet in Ohio said…
Those pictures are INCREDIBLE! While I have first hand knowledge that Dermacton is everything you say it is and more, that poor dog was so much worse than my own Rat Terrier, and I felt bad for her. Stunning photos of Dermactons effect on that dogs legs. Wish more people knew about this product, and I wish my Vet knew instead of charging me hundreds for things that didn't work in the long term or help my little Trina get hair regrowth.
Joe said…
Holy crap. That is amazing. My dog wasn't THAT bad and it worked for him. That picture is gross! At least it worked for that poor animal.

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