Wendy The Westie Dog

Look at these dramatic photographs of Wendy the sheltered Westie before and after treatment with Dermacton for her atopic dermatitis.

Read the complete details on Wendy the Westie dog and her Dermacton anti itch and hair growth success story here.


Michelle said…
Those photos are amazing, almost hard to believe! I'll be ordering for my dogs hot spots and itching that gets bad in the fall and winter for some reason.
Elise said…
Dermacton is a true miracle! My little Sheba finally has releief from itching all day and night. Far better results than anything the vet sold me and less money too. With a money back guarantee there is nothing to lose in trying this alternative holistic treatment. I wish my vet carried this instead of all the expensive steroid based things I tried.
Nikki said…
I will never be without Dermacton since I have found it! It's the only thing that ever gave my poor doggie relief
Robert said…
My Aunt gave me some dermacton to try on my Shepherd and it stopped him digging, biting and scratching at a hot spot almost immediately. Tried all sorts of stuff before and nothing worrked like this did. Ordered more to keep in the house in case it pops up again. Thanks.

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