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What's in it? What makes it work?

Can I have a list of ingredients that are in these products?
No. The formulas are the proprietary knowledge of the manufacturer and are a trade secret. For obvious reasons, these individual formulas are not made public.

Equinat-USA does not have the recipie or formula for making any of these all natural healing products, nor do we have a list of ingredients. We do know that years of research and trials went into developing these formulas and they are not something you could readily whip up in your kitchen.
All of these products have been specifically developed to be quick, easy and pleasant to use, and are all fully tried and tested and proven to work. They are made from the highest quality natural ingredients, and safely provide a natural, non-steroid alternative …

Is your dog itchy and scratching?

If you've got a dog that is driving itself and YOU crazy with itching and scratching - you need to take a look at the Dermacton line of products. Being dog lovers, we discovered these fantastic products that are being manufactured in the UK and found it necessary to find a way to get them here in the USA for fast shipment to American customers. is now the sole distributor importing product in bulk for the PetNat line, made by Aromesse in the United Kingdom. You won't find this product line in stores or through your Veterinarian.

Hot spots that are itched and scratched at on dogs can become inflamed, red, cut wounds and, the constant scratching may also result in hair loss. Any dog aggravated by itchy, scratchy skin conditions is not living the quality of life it should. Plus, it could be keeping you up at night, too! Which of course, affects the quality of your life.

Check out the testimonials and get the relief your animal needs - backed with a manufacturers 100…