What's in it? What makes it work?

Can I have a list of ingredients that are in these products?
No. The formulas are the proprietary knowledge of the manufacturer and are a trade secret. For obvious reasons, these individual formulas are not made public.

Equinat-USA does not have the recipie or formula for making any of these all natural healing products, nor do we have a list of ingredients. We do know that years of research and trials went into developing these formulas and they are not something you could readily whip up in your kitchen.

All of these products have been specifically developed to be quick, easy and pleasant to use, and are all fully tried and tested and proven to work. They are made from the highest quality natural ingredients, and safely provide a natural, non-steroid alternative treatment for your horse and dog.

If you believe your animal may have an allergy to a specific natural ingredient, please contact the manufacturer Aromesse in the UK.


We get asked all of the time for a "list of ingredients" for these all natural products. Even though we have the above on our FAQ page people still email us and want to know. Some even get really mad because we won't send them a list. Well, how can we send something we don't have? We can't! These special formulations are the property of the manufacturer Aromesse in England and they are the owners of the exclusive rights to them. Equinat-USA.com is the sole bulk importer and distributor for the USA - we do not have recipes for nor do we manufacturer the products.

Of course, we know that there are some people and companies out there who would love have the ingredients lists and formulas, source cheaper ingredients, to attempt to manufacture it themselves. Then - change the name, spend a TON of money on marketing, jack the price up and make some real money on it - because the truth is that these formulas work so well. While every business strives to be profitable, the real business behind the scenes here is to bring real relief to animals and their owners. This business is a supplemental business for us, and although it doesn't pay the bills - the satisfaction we get from helping people healing dogs and horses is a joy unto itself.
Yes, small businesses can make BIG differences!


James said…
Yes some folks out there would LOVE to have the formulas for these products because they are very effective. I have them all on hand for my dog and use them as needed. Still I don't think the quality would be the same if someone tried to make them anyway. If the manufacturere could make enough and go on QVC with this, he'd be an instant billionaire. I have NEVER found products like this that lived up to their claims before. Thanks for bringing thewm to the USA.

Dermacton cream is formulated with shea butter and beeswax that contains a unique proprietary blend of 13 pure essential oils and herbal extracts that are sourced from the around the world. The ingredients contained in the Dermacton line of products are human grade and are the finest quality therapeutic essential oils & herbal extracts available for optimal results.

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