NEW product in stock in the USA - the Dermacton Shampoo Bar extra mild for dogs with sensitive skin conditions. Check it out here.

We tested this new bar on our own dogs - who don't currently have sensitive skin issues, and could not believe the lather and how silky soft it left their coats. The bar contains no SLS or SLES ingredients - which is sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl ether sulfate - cheap detergent/surfactant foaming agents that are found in most soaps and shampoos.


Anonymous said…
This Shampoo is the best I have ever tried! I thought the bar was a little small, but after bathing my lab 4 times, it has hardly changed size at all. His fur is so soft and smells great, I can't believe that he does not smell at all doggy anymore.

He does not itch and smells so clean I even let him sleep on my bed.

Thanks for another great product. The Ear cleaner is wonderful too, Samson is the cleanest best smelling dog at the dog park!

Julie and Samson
Anonymous said…
I love this Shampoo, it leaves my dog smelling so good and his fur has never been so soft or shiny. Even though he no longer has a skin condition I will never use anything else to bathe him in.

I even took my dog groomer a bar and even she couldn't believe how amazing this stuff is.

Thanks so much for making this available in the US.
Susan Tuttle
Erica & Jake & Shooey, too! said…
My dog mutt Shooey is never happy to get a bath. He doesn't seem to mind now that we use the bar on him. I think he likes the smell of it more than we do! The bar is really soapy even though it doesn't have those foaming additives that most soap does. Don't know how this works but Shooeys black hair is super shiny. He never had any skin problems but I willkeep using the dermactin bar soap after my neighbor shared his with us to try.
Patricia said…
My Shih Tzu puppy JuJu Bee used to be affectionately called "shits Ooooh" because she sometimes smelled like pee poo. Always itchy and running around the little mop of a dog I love seemed to itch more with medicated shampoo the Vet prescribed, as well as the gentle Oatmeal shampoo from petsmart. My friend told me about her neighbor and this shampoo bar they got online and how great it was, how good it smelled and I had to try it. All I can say is that the dermactone shampoo bar is so good I won't be using nothing else but that. Smell good and it really stopped a lot of the constant itchy. JuJu Bee says thanks, too :-)

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