Skin Conditions in Dogs - HEALING NATURALLY

Wow. Take a look at this poor little Westie dog that was found on a mountain in Wales and was subsequently taken in at a No-Kill Animal Rescue Shelter.

They named her Zee Zee and treated her neglected skin condition with Dermacton and she had a most remarkable recovery in just 5 weeks of treatment.

Poor Zee Zee's skin was in such bad condition with mange when she was discovered that some shelters might have put her down due to the terrible state she was in. But, Zee Zee got a new lease on life thanks to Dermacton and the no-kill shelter!

She has since been re-homed and renamed "Ruby!" Read more about this dog's remarkable transformation and see more detailed photographs here.


Anonymous said…
I loved your article it has great information. I think you and your readers might be interested in another article I found, about pets and dry eyes.
Jenny L said…
That poor little dog. The pictures on your testimonial page are incredible. I also had good luck in treating a large hairless hot spot on my lab with Dermacton, unfortunately I didn't take pictures but I tell everyone who has dogs about your website. Thank you, Jen

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