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Shih Tzu with Itchy Sore Skin and Hair Loss

Dermacton Reviews

Shih Tzu owner Trisha, wrote to us about her experience with Dermacton and we've now published it in its entirety in the testimonials section here.
Here's an excerpt from Trisha's letter:
Gidget stopped scratching and biting immediately after the first cream application. I was like "oh wow, we have something here!!" Anyone could see she was not only healing, but healing fast. I have never seen anything like it.

After 13 days, all that is left is one spot, a scab on her lower back, everywhere else has healed totally. She does not scratch, dig or chew her skin any longer! For maintenance, I will continue to use the Dermacton spray twice a week, and only the Dermacton soap to bathe her and her siblings. No other shampoos will be allowed on my little ones.....ever!!

The cost of my 3 item Dermacton combo was cheaper than just one office visit at the vet's office.

It irks me to think how much money we have spent and the torture Gidget endured at the vet…

German Shepherd Dog With Skin Issues

Debbie's German Shepherd named Barr suffers from a variety of problems, one of which are skin related issues. She found the website and read the testimonials.
She starts out by saying, "My story starts out as so many on this site. The feeling of hopelessness and frustration that comes from watching your pet suffer, is one that is consistent with each testimonial I've read."
Read the whole story here and see the before and after photographs she sent in to help other animals and their owners with their dog's most persistent itching and skin problems.

More Dermacton Success Stories

Meet Kush the American Staffordshire Terrier: Allergic Reaction Healed with Dermacton Cream and Dermacton Shampoo
Poor Dog Kush had an allergic reaction to over the counter flea medication which left him with hair loss and scabs on his back, and a rash on his tummy. Lucky for him, his favorite human in the world, Tiffany found Dermacton online and thought it was worth a try - and much happiness ensued after only 2 weeks of treatment... see this complete testimonial (and others) with before and after pictures here
We can't thank our customers enough for taking the time to document their stories and send us pictures and write reviews about Dermacton. You are all awesome! And, you are paying it forward by helping other dog owners and dogs to potentially find real and affordable natural relief from the most persistent skin issues on their dogs.

Equinat-USA is now shipping to CANADA!

We are now shipping the PetNat Dermacton line of products and the Equinat line from the USA to Canada via USPS Airmail. We've had many requests from our friends from the North and we've listened!
We've got some editing to do on the site as it still says sales in the USA ONLY, but rest assured... the Canada shipping option is now there when you check out. The remaining site edits will be completed soon!

UPDATE: The Canada shipping option has now been changed from shipping via USPS Airmail International. Why?Because it was taking forever for people in Canada to receive their orders. We now offer USPS Priority International (6-10 business days) and USPS International Express (3-5 business days). Airmail to Canada is no longer an option.

Have You Ever Tried Dermacton On Your Dog?

Check out the newest Testimonials for Dermacton.

Many of our new customers that are experiencing skin issues and related problems with their dogs itching, scratching and biting themselves (sometimes to the point of hair loss and injury) - find us via Internet searches. Some are taken directly to the website, some find us from people talking about Dermacton online in forums, and some even manage to find this blog. Like you!

No matter how you find out about Dermacton - you've got nothing to lose with our manufacturer's 100% guarantee and your dog has everything to gain.

Buying Dermacton in Canada

BREAKING NEWS We are planning to implement changes to the shopping cart to allow Canadian customers to purchase PetNat Dermacton, Ultrasalve and Dermacton Shampoo for dogs and, Aromaheel and Aromaitch for horses.

We have had so many inquiries over the past few years from Canada to ship products there, that it makes perfect sense to do it. Watch for it - we hope to have everything in place soon!

UPDATE as of November 07th, 2011 - it's done! Canada can now order via USPS Airmail.

Demacton Shampoo Bar

Due to high demand for the Dermacton Shampoo Bar in the USA, we have been experiencing intermittent shortages of the product. The manufacturer has been sending us regular bulk shipments, and we often have a waiting list - so grab it while we have it in stock on the site!

As our business is growing fast in the USA, we have been experiencing product sell outs more often, and we are working with the manufacturer to alleviate shortages on our end. Thanks to everyone who has tried the Dermacton line of products and to those of you who keep spreading the word about Dermacton.
Together, we are helping heal and bring relief to so many dogs!

People LOVE Dermacton products!

Wow. We recently searched for what people were saying about Dermacton on the web and found many enthusiastic supporters.

Check these posts out:

Dermacton Testimonials

Dermacton is available at to help heal your dogs most persistent skin conditions. We've received many more testimonials from our customers (with pictures) since last posting in this blog - please visit the Dermacton Testimonials page here to see for yourself.

Here's Darla the Yorkie's healing pictures below:

Visit the Dermacton Testimonials page to see more!

My dog is itchy and losing hair

"My dog is itchy and losing hair, will Dermacton help? We get this question ALL of the time. And, Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs with itchy hot spots and hair loss. Itchiness and hair loss can be caused by a variety of issues dogs can have from allergies to mange and everything in between. Sometimes dog owners never even find out what is causing the itching, but - we know that a super itchy dog will often have hair loss from repetitive scratching. This situation stresses the dog and the dog owner.
Of course, actual Dermacton customers and their dogs are our best advertising, and we're happy to say that most have had positive results with Dermacton as you can see for yourself on the testimonials page. Dermacton soothes the dog's skin condition and conditions it to promote the regrowth of hair.

100% of the product cost is refunded if this doesn't work for your dog - see the guarantee here. AND, if you send in before and after pictures of successful treatment wit…

Dermacton Reviews

Does Dermacton work? YES it does, and here is another testimonial from a REAL end user.

This poor Yorkie suffered from extreme itching, scratching and biting at her hind end to the point of complete hair loss. Kathleen, the dog's owner spent OVER $4,000 dollars at a holistic veterinarian, and two different doggie dermatologists and absolutely nothing changed.

She purchased 1 Dermacton Cream and 1 Dermacton Spray - which cost LESS than $50 dollars including shipping and the itchy skin condition her dog had cleared up and the hair grew back ::: see the complete testimonial and pictures here :::

Itchy Yorkie Dog with Hair Loss

See the latest testimonial photographs and the complete story sent to us from Loretta in Texas at Her Yorkie, Isis suffered from allergies of unknown origin and spent a great part of her day (and part of the night) itching, and scratching at her back to the point of sores, redness and hair loss. A miserable and stressful state for the dog and for any dog owner.

Loretta tried several measures to get relief and healing for her beloved Yorkie dog but nothing worked until she tried Dermacton Spray.
Dermacton works - and, there is nothing to lose since it's guaranteed!

Treating Flea Allergies In Dogs

Treating flea allergies a very common issue for people with dogs of all types. Read more information about dog flea allergies on our site here.

Gipsy is a 6 year old female toy poodle that had an allergic reaction on her skin from flea bites. This dog was itching and scratching at these sores and was uncomfortable with this irritating skin condition for weeks. The dog owner shaved her fur and treated her itchy, scratchy, sore skin with Dermacton Cream. You can see in the before and after photos that were taken one week apart after treatment with Dermacton.

See more photos of Gipsy and read other Dermacton testimonials here.

What is in Dermacton?

Dermacton cream is a high quality, all natural steroid-free formula that is free of any petroleum ingredients. It is made from the highest quality natural ingredients, and safely provides a natural, non-steroid alternative treatment for your dog.
Dermacton cream is formulated with shea butter and beeswax that contains a unique proprietary blend of 13 pure essential oils and herbal extracts that are sourced from around the world. The ingredients contained in the Dermacton line of products are human grade and are the finest quality therapeutic essential oils & herbal extracts available for optimal results.

Dermacton is light and highly nourishing and is easily absorbed into your dogs' skin, and the soothing blend quickly works on your dogs damaged, irritated and itchy skin.

All of these products h…

Dog Hair Loss

Dog hair loss before and after photos - the amazing transformation of Zee Zee, a dog with a condition of canine atoptic dermatitis. Dermacton cream, spray and shampoo work to effectively condition your dog's skin to promote hair growth.

To see this dogs entire story, and many other dog owners stories and pictures of success with Dermacton, see the testimonials here.

Itchy Dog - Dog Scratching - Hair Loss - Hot Spots

Have you got an itchy dog? Is your dog's skin red, irritated, or broken from repeated itching, scratching, biting, chewing and/or licking? Does your dog have a hot spot that is bothering them so much that they itch and scratch to the point of hair loss and skin abrasion?

Dermacton may be the all natural treatment you're looking for that troublesome dog skin condition. Imported into the USA from the manufacturer in the UK, Dermacton is made with a proprietary blend of 13 pure essential oils and herbal extracts sourced from around the world.
Dermacton is available in a convenient pump spray for dogs with longer hair and as a cream for dogs with shorter hair. We also carry a Dermacton shampoo bar to use in conjunction with the cream and spray for additional healing power.

See the TESTIMONIALS section for customer comments and pictures of dogs skin conditions that have been healed and soothed with Dermacton.

Dermacton comes with a 100% guarantee that if it doesn't work for your d…

DERMACTON is available in the USA

Dermacton is available to buy in the USA at, the only authorized distributor for the PetNat and equinat line of products. Developed and manufactured by Aromesse in the UK, these products show amazing results time and time again.

Consisting of 100% natural ingredients, these formulas contain NO STEROIDS and are a gentle and effective means in healing itchy and broken skin. If your dog is scratchy, irritated, cut, abraded, scratched or shows signs of sore skin conditions which include redness, blotchy skin and/or an itchy rash- Dermacton may give the dog you love healing relief.

Does DERMACTON really work?
Take a look at Testimonials and read the REAL LIFE stories and see the pictures of dogs owners have been sent to us. This isn't a gimmick or a trick to rip you off for a few bucks and disappear with your money and send you some cheap product - this is a company that really cares about the animals you love.

Isn't DERMACTON expensive?
No, Dermacton …

Another DERMACTON success story!

Poor Dog Ipsie - an Australian Shepherd Mix - suffered from a thoroughly savaged back due to constant itching and scratching leaving her a bloody, scabby mess that never healed and showed significant hair loss due to her condition. Her owner Greg found Dermacton on the Internet and was skeptical at the claims but so desperate he decided to give it a go. Both he and Ipsie were in major distress and we are happy to say the treat was a complete success! To read Ipsie's entire story submitted by her owner Greg, and to see more pictures - read the Dermacton testimonials HERE...

We can fully understand why people would be skeptical of these claims, and we stand by the superior healing properties of these all natural canine healing products imported from the manufacturer in England. Yes, there are many, many scams out there on the Internet, and those scammers simply want a way to get you to part with your money and would never offer the money back guarantee that we do. We are the sole di…