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DERMACTON is available in the USA

Dermacton is available to buy in the USA at, the only authorized distributor for the PetNat and equinat line of products. Developed and manufactured by Aromesse in the UK, these products show amazing results time and time again.

Consisting of 100% natural ingredients, these formulas contain NO STEROIDS and are a gentle and effective means in healing itchy and broken skin. If your dog is scratchy, irritated, cut, abraded, scratched or shows signs of sore skin conditions which include redness, blotchy skin and/or an itchy rash- Dermacton may give the dog you love healing relief.

Does DERMACTON really work?
Take a look at Testimonials and read the REAL LIFE stories and see the pictures of dogs owners have been sent to us. This isn't a gimmick or a trick to rip you off for a few bucks and disappear with your money and send you some cheap product - this is a company that really cares about the animals you love.

Isn't DERMACTON expensive?
No, Dermacton …

Another DERMACTON success story!

Poor Dog Ipsie - an Australian Shepherd Mix - suffered from a thoroughly savaged back due to constant itching and scratching leaving her a bloody, scabby mess that never healed and showed significant hair loss due to her condition. Her owner Greg found Dermacton on the Internet and was skeptical at the claims but so desperate he decided to give it a go. Both he and Ipsie were in major distress and we are happy to say the treat was a complete success! To read Ipsie's entire story submitted by her owner Greg, and to see more pictures - read the Dermacton testimonials HERE...

We can fully understand why people would be skeptical of these claims, and we stand by the superior healing properties of these all natural canine healing products imported from the manufacturer in England. Yes, there are many, many scams out there on the Internet, and those scammers simply want a way to get you to part with your money and would never offer the money back guarantee that we do. We are the sole di…