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Dog Hair Loss

Dog hair loss before and after photos - the amazing transformation of Zee Zee, a dog with a condition of canine atoptic dermatitis. Dermacton cream, spray and shampoo work to effectively condition your dog's skin to promote hair growth.

To see this dogs entire story, and many other dog owners stories and pictures of success with Dermacton, see the testimonials here.

Itchy Dog - Dog Scratching - Hair Loss - Hot Spots

Have you got an itchy dog? Is your dog's skin red, irritated, or broken from repeated itching, scratching, biting, chewing and/or licking? Does your dog have a hot spot that is bothering them so much that they itch and scratch to the point of hair loss and skin abrasion?

Dermacton may be the all natural treatment you're looking for that troublesome dog skin condition. Imported into the USA from the manufacturer in the UK, Dermacton is made with a proprietary blend of 13 pure essential oils and herbal extracts sourced from around the world.
Dermacton is available in a convenient pump spray for dogs with longer hair and as a cream for dogs with shorter hair. We also carry a Dermacton shampoo bar to use in conjunction with the cream and spray for additional healing power.

See the TESTIMONIALS section for customer comments and pictures of dogs skin conditions that have been healed and soothed with Dermacton.

Dermacton comes with a 100% guarantee that if it doesn't work for your d…