Itchy Yorkie Dog with Hair Loss

See the latest testimonial photographs and the complete story sent to us from Loretta in Texas at Her Yorkie, Isis suffered from allergies of unknown origin and spent a great part of her day (and part of the night) itching, and scratching at her back to the point of sores, redness and hair loss. A miserable and stressful state for the dog and for any dog owner.

Loretta tried several measures to get relief and healing for her beloved Yorkie dog but nothing worked until she tried Dermacton Spray.

Dermacton works - and, there is nothing to lose since it's guaranteed!


Shana said…
We've always had yorkie dogs and they do seem prone to skin and itching issues. We're ordering some dermacton to keep in the house for when we need to use it on our dogs. The testimonial pictures on the website are so great!!!!
Verona said…
When you look closely at the pictures you can really see a tremendous difference in the amount of hair it has.

I am going to get some of this for my tea cup Yorkie Samson.

He is always itching and chewing, I had been trying give him skineze but he will not eat it.
Beth said…
My neighbor used that Dermacton in a jar and it worked for her Yorkie too. I thought the website looked great but am a natural born skeptic LOL thinking it was a fake scam online. They should sell it in pet stores because it would help so many dogs.. what about cats??? Can you use it on cats?
Sales Team said…
Thanks for the comments folks! We appreciate it.

Beth, yes... we can understand being skeptical and thinking Dermacton might be a scam but, there is nothing fake about it. PLUS we offer a money back product guarantee so what's not to love :)

Dermacton should NOT be used on cats, it was formulated for canine use only. The manufacturer in the UK has developed a product specifically for use on cats here:

We don't currently carry the cat product in the USA.
I ordered my stuff for bebe last week and it came in so I have only been using it since Saturday so hopefully within the next week or two I will be able to tell a difference.

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