Treating Flea Allergies In Dogs

Treating flea allergies a very common issue for people with dogs of all types. Read more information about dog flea allergies on our site here.

Gipsy is a 6 year old female toy poodle that had an allergic reaction on her skin from flea bites. This dog was itching and scratching at these sores and was uncomfortable with this irritating skin condition for weeks. The dog owner shaved her fur and treated her itchy, scratchy, sore skin with Dermacton Cream. You can see in the before and after photos that were taken one week apart after treatment with Dermacton.

See more photos of Gipsy and read other Dermacton testimonials here.


Gregg said…
Our vet prescribed steroid creams for my dog and they messed our dog up! He got super sensitive to common household noises like the TV and spent time crying, digging and itching in between pacing and hiding under the table. The cream never solved the flea reaction problem it gave him more problems. The first time we used Dermacton he slept like a baby. We will NEVER give our dog steroids in anything ever again.

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