Dermacton Reviews

Does Dermacton work? YES it does, and here is another testimonial from a REAL end user.

This poor Yorkie suffered from extreme itching, scratching and biting at her hind end to the point of complete hair loss. Kathleen, the dog's owner spent OVER $4,000 dollars at a holistic veterinarian, and two different doggie dermatologists and absolutely nothing changed.

She purchased 1 Dermacton Cream and 1 Dermacton Spray - which cost LESS than $50 dollars including shipping and the itchy skin condition her dog had cleared up and the hair grew back ::: see the complete testimonial and pictures here :::


Judy B said…
Dermacton is what we have been looking for, it sounds like our dog is having a similar issue. We cannot afford thousands of dollars to treat our dog for his itching and digging at his skin like she did.The people at the vets think its an allergic reaction to something but without testing they can't tell us more than that. This ladys story sounds alot like ours and I am happy to have found your website because this might work for our dog, too. 20 bucks is a lot less money than the hundreds to start the allergy testing. We looked at the pictures on your site and they are nothing short of amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Our dog has bald patches from constant scratching and doesn't sleep good at night. We had to take his collar off because the jingling from itching was making it hard to sleep for me. My husband can sleep through anything but this has been driving me and my dog crazy. Fingers crossed this will work for us!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Judy
Mark said…
We will always keep a container of Dermacton cream in the cupboard for our labs hot spots. Seriously we tried everything for our dog and nothing works this good from our vets or from the pet stores. If he gets an itchy or sore spot out comes the cream and the itching stops. We tell everyone about this and we thank you for making it.
Eloise said…
Dermacton works great! The before and afer pictures on the website that people send in is what got me to buy it. Our dog didnt have the big problems like some of thoes pictures did. If our yorkie or bulldog gets an itchy spot I use it. A little bit goes a long way.

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