My dog is itchy and losing hair

"My dog is itchy and losing hair, will Dermacton help? We get this question ALL of the time. And, Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs with itchy hot spots and hair loss. Itchiness and hair loss can be caused by a variety of issues dogs can have from allergies to mange and everything in between. Sometimes dog owners never even find out what is causing the itching, but - we know that a super itchy dog will often have hair loss from repetitive scratching. This situation stresses the dog and the dog owner.

Of course, actual Dermacton customers and their dogs are our best advertising, and we're happy to say that most have had positive results with Dermacton as you can see for yourself on the testimonials page. Dermacton soothes the dog's skin condition and conditions it to promote the regrowth of hair.

100% of the product cost is refunded if this doesn't work for your dog - see the guarantee here. AND, if you send in before and after pictures of successful treatment with Dermacton we can add to the testimonials page - you'll receive a refund on the cost of one Dermacton product, or get another one sent to you free with shipping included!


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