Demacton Shampoo Bar

Due to high demand for the Dermacton Shampoo Bar in the USA, we have been experiencing intermittent shortages of the product. The manufacturer has been sending us regular bulk shipments, and we often have a waiting list - so grab it while we have it in stock on the site!

As our business is growing fast in the USA, we have been experiencing product sell outs more often, and we are working with the manufacturer to alleviate shortages on our end. Thanks to everyone who has tried the Dermacton line of products and to those of you who keep spreading the word about Dermacton.

Together, we are helping heal and bring relief to so many dogs! 


Brenda said…
The shampoo bar is wonderful. I won't go without it. Super sudsy, smells nice and my dogs fur is shiny unlike anything I have ever used before. The bar lasts a long time. I've been tempted to try it on my own hair lol
Anonymous said…
Agreed. That dermacton shampoo is AWESOME. Both of our labs coats have nevr looked better.
Thank you for the comments! We too LOVE the Dermacton Shampoo Bar. It works great on all of our dogs.

It's perfect on its own (even if your dog has no skin conditions) or when used in conjunction with the Dermacton Spray or Cream for dogs with skin issues.
Ken said…
Can't say enough about that shampoo bar. The bars have more lather than the Dove soap bars I use in the shower. My beagles now like baths and it seems to calms down their itching straight away. It smells real good too

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