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German Shepherd Dog With Skin Issues

Debbie's German Shepherd named Barr suffers from a variety of problems, one of which are skin related issues. She found the website and read the testimonials.
She starts out by saying, "My story starts out as so many on this site. The feeling of hopelessness and frustration that comes from watching your pet suffer, is one that is consistent with each testimonial I've read."
Read the whole story here and see the before and after photographs she sent in to help other animals and their owners with their dog's most persistent itching and skin problems.

More Dermacton Success Stories

Meet Kush the American Staffordshire Terrier: Allergic Reaction Healed with Dermacton Cream and Dermacton Shampoo
Poor Dog Kush had an allergic reaction to over the counter flea medication which left him with hair loss and scabs on his back, and a rash on his tummy. Lucky for him, his favorite human in the world, Tiffany found Dermacton online and thought it was worth a try - and much happiness ensued after only 2 weeks of treatment... see this complete testimonial (and others) with before and after pictures here
We can't thank our customers enough for taking the time to document their stories and send us pictures and write reviews about Dermacton. You are all awesome! And, you are paying it forward by helping other dog owners and dogs to potentially find real and affordable natural relief from the most persistent skin issues on their dogs.

Equinat-USA is now shipping to CANADA!

We are now shipping the PetNat Dermacton line of products and the Equinat line from the USA to Canada via USPS Airmail. We've had many requests from our friends from the North and we've listened!
We've got some editing to do on the site as it still says sales in the USA ONLY, but rest assured... the Canada shipping option is now there when you check out. The remaining site edits will be completed soon!

UPDATE: The Canada shipping option has now been changed from shipping via USPS Airmail International. Why?Because it was taking forever for people in Canada to receive their orders. We now offer USPS Priority International (6-10 business days) and USPS International Express (3-5 business days). Airmail to Canada is no longer an option.

Have You Ever Tried Dermacton On Your Dog?

Check out the newest Testimonials for Dermacton.

Many of our new customers that are experiencing skin issues and related problems with their dogs itching, scratching and biting themselves (sometimes to the point of hair loss and injury) - find us via Internet searches. Some are taken directly to the website, some find us from people talking about Dermacton online in forums, and some even manage to find this blog. Like you!

No matter how you find out about Dermacton - you've got nothing to lose with our manufacturer's 100% guarantee and your dog has everything to gain.