Equinat-USA is now shipping to CANADA!

We are now shipping the PetNat Dermacton line of products and the Equinat line from the USA to Canada via USPS Airmail. We've had many requests from our friends from the North and we've listened!

We've got some editing to do on the site as it still says sales in the USA ONLY, but rest assured... the Canada shipping option is now there when you check out. The remaining site edits will be completed soon!

UPDATE: The Canada shipping option has now been changed from shipping via USPS Airmail International. Why? Because it was taking forever for people in Canada to receive their orders. We now offer USPS Priority International (6-10 business days) and USPS International Express (3-5 business days). Airmail to Canada is no longer an option.


Karen said…
Nice job! Dermacton is the best :) Karen

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