Have You Ever Tried Dermacton On Your Dog?

Check out the newest Testimonials for Dermacton.

Many of our new customers that are experiencing skin issues and related problems with their dogs itching, scratching and biting themselves (sometimes to the point of hair loss and injury) - find us via Internet searches. Some are taken directly to the Equinat-USA.com website, some find us from people talking about Dermacton online in forums, and some even manage to find this blog. Like you!

No matter how you find out about Dermacton - you've got nothing to lose with our manufacturer's 100% guarantee and your dog has everything to gain.


Bob Smithe said…
Holy cow! Dermacton is great. I can't believe the change and new hair on this dog.
Ryan said…
I'll admit I was skeptical, but I'm amazed. My dog doesn't seem to be as extreme as these cases, I just used it because he constantly licks his paws. If you truly do use it everyday for your dog's paws it works. I can't say one hundred percent, but a good ninety or more, which is great for me because an allergy test cost way more. My dog salivate when I put it on I haven't a clue why. Lol

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