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Meet Kush the American Staffordshire Terrier: Allergic Reaction Healed with Dermacton Cream and Dermacton Shampoo

Poor Dog Kush had an allergic reaction to over the counter flea medication which left him with hair loss and scabs on his back, and a rash on his tummy. Lucky for him, his favorite human in the world, Tiffany found Dermacton online and thought it was worth a try - and much happiness ensued after only 2 weeks of treatment... see this complete testimonial (and others) with before and after pictures here

We can't thank our customers enough for taking the time to document their stories and send us pictures and write reviews about Dermacton. You are all awesome! And, you are paying it forward by helping other dog owners and dogs to potentially find real and affordable natural relief from the most persistent skin issues on their dogs.


Karen said…
Those Dermacton testimonials on your site are excellent. Words are one thing but the photos you have from customers were the clincher for me. My dog had a problem like one dog in the pictures. I'm happy now to be able to buy it from the USA to Canada. I can't thank you enough for that.
Sales Team said…
Thank you for the comments Karen. Yes, the photos sent in are incredible and we are always thrilled to receive new testimonials from end users. We've had many requests from people in Canada and the demand factor made the decision easy - please help us spread the word and send people to the testimonial page via twitter and facebook!
Jan said…
Lovely dog! He looks so sad in the picture though.
Bob Smithe said…
LOL hey that's his face. He can't help it! Kush is a great looking boy :)

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