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Shih Tzu with Itchy Sore Skin and Hair Loss

Dermacton Reviews

Shih Tzu owner Trisha, wrote to us about her experience with Dermacton and we've now published it in its entirety in the testimonials section here.
Here's an excerpt from Trisha's letter:
Gidget stopped scratching and biting immediately after the first cream application. I was like "oh wow, we have something here!!" Anyone could see she was not only healing, but healing fast. I have never seen anything like it.

After 13 days, all that is left is one spot, a scab on her lower back, everywhere else has healed totally. She does not scratch, dig or chew her skin any longer! For maintenance, I will continue to use the Dermacton spray twice a week, and only the Dermacton soap to bathe her and her siblings. No other shampoos will be allowed on my little ones.....ever!!

The cost of my 3 item Dermacton combo was cheaper than just one office visit at the vet's office.

It irks me to think how much money we have spent and the torture Gidget endured at the vet…