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Treating a Boston Terrier With Allergies: Dermacton Reviews

Dermacton Reviews: Dina writes, "I ordered your dermacton spray and ultra salve combo for my 4 year old Boston terrier named Buster who had horrible skin allergies. I tried for months to find something to help him not suffer with the itching and biting. Finally I came across your website and figured I would give it a try and thank God that I did it worked wonders on him. I am so grateful for this product. Thank you."

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Dermacton Testimonials: Healing Your Dogs Skin Problems

Dermacton Testimonials
My dog, Sadie, is a 2 year old German Shepard mix. She has been having chronic skin sores. The vet puts her on antibiotics which clears her up but she gets all the side effects and stomach upset they cause. We thought we would give Dermacton a try based on other testimonials. Before Dermacton her sores became pus-filled little infections. Immediately after using Dermacton her sores scabbed over and never became filled with pus. We now need to begin a limited ingredient diet to try to determine if a food allergy is causing the sores but at least we can keep the sores at bay and heal them quickly without needing antibiotics. We purchased the Dremacton cream and the Dermacton shampoo bar. I love the smell of the shampoo bar so much that I use it on my other dog too. The fresh smell stayed on the dogs for days.
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Dermacton Cream helps dog Benji stop Scratching and Itching

Amy's dog Benji's skin was itchy, scratchy and red.
This poor dog lost hair on his ears, and his skin was rough, too.

Lucky dog, his owner Amy discovered Dermacton and read the reviews online.

See the before and after pictures
and read the complete review here.

Dermacton Testimonials: Healing Dog Skin Conditions

Have you ever tried Dermacton? Meet Tux. This handsome American Staffordshire Terrier has experienced Dermacton. His favorite human is Ian, and what follows is part of what Ian said:

"I found your product a few months ago and I have to admit I was skeptical. It sounded to good to be true and entirely too easy. By this point I started to pin point the problem he has with yeast and I usually have it under control. However two weeks ago he went a little nuts and ripped his whole chest apart. I felt so bad for him. I immediately went to your site and ordered the spray and the soap. It arrived a lot more quickly then expected. I've used the spray on him once a day for a week, didn't even get to use the soap and I am completely blown away with the results."

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Dermacton Reviews: Itchy, Scratchy Akita Dog With Seasonal Allergies and Hair Loss

Dermacton is getting some great customer reviews online from dog owners!

Meet Kaido the Akita, and what follows is an excerpt from this dog owners testimonial:

"By the end of June he was so bothered by his allergies that he was literally chewing and scratching his legs, paws, and chest raw to the point of bleeding on a daily basis. We had tried everything to help stop the itching and relax him, but nothing seemed to alleviate the problem even a little bit. Over 3 months we had wasted hundreds of dollars on repeated trips to various vets, who gave him useless steroid shots, we changed his food several times, closed up all the windows, replaced the filter, and kept the AC on, tried countless anti-itch and calming lotions, sprays, and ointments, and were giving him Benadryl up to 3 - 4 times a day. Not only did none of it seem to help, but poor Kaido seemed to just be getting worse and worse. Not only wasn't he sleeping, but he no longer seemed to have any energy, showed no inter…

Itchy Scratchy Doberman Gets Relief With Dermacton

Elsa's owner Mary found the website and ordered Dermacton Cream, Spray and the Shampoo Bar a few weeks ago. On July 10th, 2012 she sent us a detailed review regarding her dogs history and her healing journey with the Dermacton line of products. We are thrilled to hear that Elsa, the itchy and scratchy Doberman has finally found relief!

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Itching and Scratching Dog

Do you have an itchy and scratchy dog? Is your dog keeping everyone in the house up at night scratching?

Recent testimonials on include Princess, a young Golden Retriever dog who was itching and scratching like crazy. 

Marilyn (her owner) found this site online and decided to give Dermacton a try and it worked!

Read her testimonial and see more pictures here.

Yorkie With Hair Loss

Meet Pebbles, Rick and Jennifer's beloved 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier dog above, and our newest member of the Testimonials team.

30 days of treatment with Dermacton Cream in conjunction with the Dermacton Shampoo Bar, and Pebbles hair loss was significantly reduced with new hair regrowth! See the complete testimonial and before and after photos here.

Dermacton Saves A Dog From Being Put Down!

See the Dermacton Testimonials Page and read about Carla's beloved Maltese dog Molly. This dog suffers from a skin condition called Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis, and it was recommended she be put down. Carla found Dermacton online and decided to give it a try.
Here's an excerpt from Carla's email: Your product is absolutely AMAZING.  My Maltese, Molly,  was about to get put to sleep because thousands of dollars and multiple treatments could not save her.....but just ONE treatment and I started to see improvement.  I will send you some pictures when I am further into her treatments as unfortunately, her condition will need to get worse before it gets better.  She is nearly completely bald right now, but only because all that was on her poor little body was scabs and dried blood, infected sores, etc.  This product allowed me to get those ugly sores off her, exposing her skin for the first time in a LONG, LONG, time.  She is running around and playful and hasn’t done that i…