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Dermacton Reviews: Itchy, Scratchy Akita Dog With Seasonal Allergies and Hair Loss

Dermacton is getting some great customer reviews online from dog owners!

Meet Kaido the Akita, and what follows is an excerpt from this dog owners testimonial:

"By the end of June he was so bothered by his allergies that he was literally chewing and scratching his legs, paws, and chest raw to the point of bleeding on a daily basis. We had tried everything to help stop the itching and relax him, but nothing seemed to alleviate the problem even a little bit. Over 3 months we had wasted hundreds of dollars on repeated trips to various vets, who gave him useless steroid shots, we changed his food several times, closed up all the windows, replaced the filter, and kept the AC on, tried countless anti-itch and calming lotions, sprays, and ointments, and were giving him Benadryl up to 3 - 4 times a day. Not only did none of it seem to help, but poor Kaido seemed to just be getting worse and worse. Not only wasn't he sleeping, but he no longer seemed to have any energy, showed no inter…

Itchy Scratchy Doberman Gets Relief With Dermacton

Elsa's owner Mary found the website and ordered Dermacton Cream, Spray and the Shampoo Bar a few weeks ago. On July 10th, 2012 she sent us a detailed review regarding her dogs history and her healing journey with the Dermacton line of products. We are thrilled to hear that Elsa, the itchy and scratchy Doberman has finally found relief!

See Mary's Testimonial and more Customer Reviews of Dermacton here.