Dermacton Testimonials: Healing Your Dogs Skin Problems

Dermacton Testimonials
My dog, Sadie, is a 2 year old German Shepard mix. She has been having chronic skin sores. The vet puts her on antibiotics which clears her up but she gets all the side effects and stomach upset they cause. We thought we would give Dermacton a try based on other testimonials. Before Dermacton her sores became pus-filled little infections. Immediately after using Dermacton her sores scabbed over and never became filled with pus. We now need to begin a limited ingredient diet to try to determine if a food allergy is causing the sores but at least we can keep the sores at bay and heal them quickly without needing antibiotics. We purchased the Dremacton cream and the Dermacton shampoo bar. I love the smell of the shampoo bar so much that I use it on my other dog too. The fresh smell stayed on the dogs for days.

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