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Dermacton for Dogs - Customer Reviews

Does your dog have an itchy, scratchy skin condition? Is your dog suffering from hair loss due to biting and scratching itself? See the customer testimonials and before and after pictures sent in by customers who have treated their dogs irritating skin conditions with the Dermacton line of products here.

Customer Product Reviews: Dermacton

Dermacton Review

before photo of dog Zeke before Dermacton was used to treat the dogs scratchy itchy condition with hair loss.

See the after photographs of this dog's skin condition along
with the complete customer review of Dermacton here.

Tips for Treating Skin Allergies in Dogs

We've compiled some valuable information for you based on our experience with thousands of customers who have dogs with chronic skin allergies.

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Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream

Dermacton customer Maralyn writes a review:
I recently purchased and have been using Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream on my dog Patrick since mid-December 2012. He was suffering terribly, especially in two areas, under one arm and on one paw, as illustrated in the attached photographs. The improvement has been consistent and remarkable since I first started applying your product. Not only did he stop licking and scratching but the hair is now growing back and his skin texture has also improved. I have also attached after-treatment photographs for comparison. The following photos were taken in at the end of January, after using Dermacton for six weeks Thank you.

See the entire Dermacton testimonial including BEFORE and AFTER treatment photographs on our Dermacton Customer Reviews page here.