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Dermacton Success Story

April 9th, 2013

To The Dermacton Sales Team,

I had to write to thank you guys for your miracle product! I have a four year old Maltese named Gidget who has been suffering from terrible allergies for the last few years. Her skin is red and flaky and she is constantly itching herself on anything she can find. We have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on vet visits and prescriptions to no avail. She could not get the help she needed. We were faced with getting her shots, which would shorten her life due to the strain it would put on her kidneys, put her down to alleviate her pain, or watch her suffer daily. We were desperate. After another sleepless night up with her, I spent hours scouring the web for a solution. Diet changes, environmental changes, oatmeal baths and special shampoos did not work. I needed to find a real solution. That's when I came across your product and the reviews to back it...


Shar Pei Dog - Scratchy, Itchy Skin Condition with Hair Loss

My Shar Pei has been thru a lot of tests at the vet's to find out why she is scratching and chewing on herself, I've been told that the Shar Pei' breed have a lot of skin problems. I've changed food and nothing has worked, the vet has given her med's and everything is good until the medication runs out. I seen your ad on another breeders web site while checking the internet for the scratching problem. After reading the testimonials and seeing the pictures I hoped it would do the same thing on Mugs.

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