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Dermacton Reviews: Dog With Itchy Skin and Hair Loss

June 24th, 2013

Truly a miracle product!

I cannot thank the Dermacton products enough for saving my girl's skin and coat. Meecheeko, our mix terrier, has been suffering from itchy skin and loss of hair for the longest time. She would keep us awake at nights because of her constant scratching. Poor girl. After multiple vi$$$its to the vet, she was later diagnosed with food allergies and prescribed with hypoallergenic food and treats. Her itching minimized but she would still itch and was still losing hair until I discovered these amazing products. We first used the cream on her, religiously applying it twice a day. We then later purchased the spray and shampoo bar which also worked wonders on her. We even take the shampoo bar to her grooming place and the groomer was very impressed with it. Her hair has started to grow back on her bald patches. She also does not scratch as much at nights so we all get a good night's sleep.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dermacton!

J. Merc…

Dermacton Reviews: Darkened Skin on Dogs Belly

Real customer testimonials for Dermacton:

My name is Juan Canel and this is a testimonial about your product and how it changed my pet and his life.

My dog Sparky, has suffered from allergies for a while, but it had never been as severe as it was this year. In the pictures you can see how much of his hair is gone and how black and raw looking his skin turned. I didn't know what to do about the constant itching until I found this product. From the first application, he stopped scratching and just two weeks later his hair is starting to grow back. The hair on his paws has come in and he no longer scratches constantly.

I have attached Sparky's picture and he is 6 years old. I used the Dermacton conditioning spray, ultrasalve cream, and the shampoo bar. He was bathed every week with the shampoo and given the cream in the mornings and the spray in the afternoon and whenever he seemed to itch.

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Dermacton Reviews: Dog With Itchy Skin and Hair Loss from Scratching

Check out our newest Dermacton Review:

Hello, We had tried different products but nothing seemed to work. As you can see in the photos, Maya had lost a lot of hair due to the extreme itching. Treatment was started at the end of March, 2013 and about 4 weeks later you can see the difference. This product definitely works and friends have been told and shown the difference. Wow!!!! Dan Brown
Bethel Springs, TN

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