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Dog Nose Job - 100% Natural Healing Nose Balm for Dogs

Image is proud to announce the exclusive availability of the line of natural dog products. Check out the first canine product released, "Dog Nose Job" - a soothing balm for dry, chapped, cracked, scratched dog noses with natural UV protection built in. Made in the USA! And if your dog doesn't have a nose issue, it's perfect to give your dog's nose that healthy show dog shine!
From Green Udders FAQ page:
Green Udders is a funny name for a company that makes dog grooming products!
Yes, we know Green Udders is a funny name, but we're straight up serious about our natural canine grooming products. We love dogs - and, dogs are fun! Obviously, we like to have fun, too.
Some of our products have funny names as well. Like our "Dog Nose JobTM" nose balm. Named in part because, not only do we like to amuse ourselves, but we know that if something strikes you as funny, different, or even odd - from a marketing perspective, it's much e…

Dermacton and Fur Regrowth in Dogs

Rottweiler - Pit bull mix dog named Precious, suffering from hair loss. Dermacton worked for her fur regrowth. See the proof in the pictures below and check out the testimonials on

Itching, Scratching Dog, Chewing and Pulling Her Hair Out

Dermacton works - see the proof in pictures!

If you've got an itchy, scratchy dog that is suffering
from hair loss read the Dermacton Testimonials.