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Treating a Jack Russell Terrier with Skin Problems and Hair Loss

Treat your dog's skin problems and
hair loss issues naturally with Dermacton.

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My Dog is Constantly Licking and Scratching

See the Dermacton Testimonial page for relief
for your dog's worst skin issues, including itching,
scratching, inflamed skin, scabbing and soreness.

Dermacton Reviews

See the customer testimonials on Dermacton for dogs with skin conditions. Calms the itching, promotes healing and hair regrowth in dogs.

AMAZING results with this all natural product imported from the UK.

Treating a dog with Hair Loss and Skin Problems

Seeing your dog suffer with constant itching
and scratching at their skin and watching
their fur fall out is heart wrenching.

Treat your dog's skin conditions
NATURALLY with Dermacton.
Read the Dermacton Reviews here.

Treating hair loss and itching NATURALLY in a Jack Russell Terrier dog

Jack Russell Terrier with hair loss, scratching and itching, irritated skin.
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Treating Westies with Hair Loss

Dermacton works naturally for  Westie Dog's Skin Condition and Hair Loss

::: See more Dermacton for Dogs Reviews :::

Dermacton for Dogs - Customer Reviews

Dermacton for Dogs WORKS! ::: see Dermacton Reviews and before and after photos here :::

Dermacton for Dogs - Reviews and Testimonials


Praise be to the Customer Service Workers of the World!

99.99% of our customers are awesome! Then you get that random exception.

Imported and manufactured in the UK, Dermacton products for dogs and Equinat products for horses work wonders for thousands of customers, as you can clearly see from our testimonials and reviews here:

These products are all natural proprietary blends which are the property of Aromesse in the UK, which is also explained on the website. Also, our terms and conditions are on the website as well, which offer a 100% money back guarantee on the PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS. The website isn’t huge, information isn't hidden or in tiny print, and our guess is that the customer in question didn’t bother to read the information before placing an order.

According to the website our terms and conditions are - if you buy it and want to return it - you will pay for the return shipping and lose the original shipping/handling cost. We are a small company and it costs m…

Dogs with Hair Loss on their Backs

Does your dog suffer from back hair loss? Treat your dog naturally - WITHOUT steroids - with Dermacton for Dogs.
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Dermacton Reviews: Hair Loss In Dogs

Does your dog suffer from hair loss?
Red skin, scabbing, itching and scratching? ::: Read the Dermacton Reviews here :::

Dermacton for Dogs Reviews


DERMACTON Reviews: Dog with Atopic Dermatitis

Treating dogs with Atopic Dermatitis June 20th, 2014,Tessa, my 5 year old Scottish Terrier has chronic Atopic Dermatitis and has been suffering with this since she was 1 ½  years old.  Her symptoms started with a scaly rash, then gradual hair loss, with ear and secondary infections on her skin. She was miserable with constant scratching causing open oozing wounds with a bad odor. The vet prescribed antibiotics and Benadryl tablets at first, and when her symptoms came back, diet changes, Ketoconazole and medicated shampoos to treat the fungus/yeast infections. This was the cycle that we were in until I witnessed Tessa having a seizure. The vet recommended steroids (with very serious side effects that I was totally against) and with that I decided to search out holistic healing alternatives. I found a homeopathic vet, who had me prepare all Tessa’s food from scratch, bathe her with natural products, supplements added to her diet  and a natural remedy given once a month. Te…

Healing Your Dogs Skin Conditions Naturally

Healing dog's skin conditions naturally with
Dermacton - read the customer reviews here.

Treating a Shih Tzu With Hair Loss

A Shih Tzu dog with Allergies: scratching, itching, biting and hair loss can be frustrating to the dog and its owner. Dog lovers don't like to see
their animals suffering - check out the reviews and photographs of all natural treatment with Dermacton. See the Dermacton testimonials here!

Dog Nose Job Reviews - 100% natural healing to soothe a sore dog nose

Green Udders brand "Dog Nose Job" is a 100% all natural way to soothe and heal your dogs dry, crusty, cracked, sunbaked nose issues. Natural sunblock for your canine companion is built in, and it will give those dog snouts that "show dog shine".
Check out this Dog Nose Job customer review:

May 16th, 2014

This is Otis before and after using Dog Nose Job. Before using Dog Nose Job he had a crack that was pink and quite deep... quite apparent on his black hose. Now he has a little groove, but his nose is black again and he doesn't cry whenever anyone bumps it (or when he hits himself in the nose with his tail!). Bogart (Westie) isn't in the before picture because he is embarrassed about his really bad haircut! :-(
Thank you for the excellent products you provide for the health and comfort of our most important friends!
Sharon Jackson Salem, OR

My Dog is Constantly Itching and Biting herself and has Hair Loss

All Natural Canine Dermacton, imported from the UK,
available in the USA only from

::: read the Dermacton Reviews :::

Yochon - Yorkie Bichon mix named Lily

Does your dog have a red, itchy belly?

Dermacton calmed this Shih Tzu's red, itchy, scratchy belly in 4 days!

Read the entire Dermacton Review here.
Dogs love us!

Dog Losing Hair on His Sides

This dog is losing hair on his sides. He had skin that was itchy and his belly was red.
1 month of all natural Dermacton treatment and you can see the difference! See more Dermacton Reviews here.

Dog with Itchy, Red Belly - constant scratching and licking

Does your dog have a red, itchy belly?
Help them heal it with Dermacton.
::: read the Dermacton reviews :::

Shih Tzu Dog: Treating Skin Allergies Naturally

Shih Tzi with skin allergies on her belly. Redness, itching and hair loss, the owners contemplated putting this dog down. 
This Shih Tzu is now healing thanks to Dermacton.

::: See More Testimonials and Dermacton Reviews here. :::

Dermacton Reviews: Pug Dog with Inflamed, Red Belly and Itching

April 7th, 2014

Hi. I want to let you know how well your products have worked. My pug, Guapo, has suffered from skin issues for a long time. We have spent hundreds of dollars, and many trips to the Vet,trying to get relief. Guapo's itching and pain made me want to cry. I started using the Dermacton bar soap, and the Dermacton cream; it worked wonders! I was willing to try anything and am so glad I did. I can'y explain tghe amazing difference in his skin after a few days; now after a month, he is doing great. I am now using your product on my foster pug that is even worse. Improvements already!!

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Treating Grass Allergies in Dogs Naturally

Does your dog suffer from seasonal allergies? Is your dog allergic to grass? Is your dog itching and scratching?
Does your dog suffer from hair loss?
Does your dog's skin get inflamed, red and have scabs?
Dermacton for dogs can help.
NO STEROIDS. Manufactured in the UK.
100% all natural treatment to condition your dog's skin.
Available ONLY in the USA at

Dermacton review published April 4th, 2014

Beagle dog with a grass allergy - Itching, Sores, Red Skin, and Hair Loss

All of a sudden our poor 7 yr old beagle, Joey developed an allergy to the grass in our backyard. It made his chest and stomach red and itchy, which became infected with sores. He was miserable. Waking up in the middle of the night scratching himself. He also lost all the hair on his chest. The Vet put him on steroids and antibiotics. That helped until the meds ran out. We went thru 2 series of medication and then decided to find an all-natural alternative. If I remember correctly, he was put on prednisone a…

Dog Allergies and Hair Loss

Toby the Maltese dog makes an amazing recovery from hair loss due to allergies with 5 months treatments with Dermacton cream. Toby had been hairless for 1 & one half years!! 

Dog Seasonal Allergies NATURAL Treatment

If your dog suffers from a seasonal allergy,check out treating it with Dermacton.
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Westie Dog: Hair Loss on Back

Is your dog suffering from hair loss?
Is your dogs skin red, inflamed, scratchy, and or itchy?

Dermacton can help to condition your dog's skin so your  dog stops scratching and itching the hair grows back.

::: see the Dermacton testimonials here :::

Treating Hair Loss in Dogs with Dermacton

Hair Loss in Dogs: Dermacton Works
Buy Dermacton in the USA
::: we are the ONLY distributor in the USA importing Dermacton from the UK :::

Pit Bull Mix with Hair Loss and Itching on Her Back and Tail

Zoey is a 1 year old american bulldog/pitbull mix. She was getting itchy and starting to suffer from major hair loss on her back and tail. We spent hundreds of dollars trying several medicines prior to finding Dermacton, both over the counter and prescription. We also tried medicated shampoos and oatmeal baths. Nothing seemed to bring her any relief. My husband and I started doing more research and found the Dermacton Cream online and decided it was worth a shot. We ordered it and within a week, it started relieving the itching/redness and she started growing her hair back. We went through one container in less than a week, and ordered another. We're almost out of that bottle and need more!! It seems to be working so well! See for yourself on the included photos. Thank goodness for this product!

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Hair Loss In Dogs ~ Dermacton Reviews

Treating Hair Loss In Dogs
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Dog Hair Loss Treatment

Dog Hair Loss Treatment with Dermacton
Imported from the UK by we are the ONLY authorized distributor in the USA
If your Dog is suffering from hair loss - read the Dermacton Reviews

Fur Loss In Dogs

Is your dog losing its fur?
Does your dog have fur balding?
Is your dogs fur falling out from scratching and skin irritation?
How can you treat fur loss in your dog?
Have you heard of DERMACTON?
Dermacton is an all natural solution to help condition your
dogs skin to optimal condition for the regrowth of fur. is the ONLY supplier in the USA Dermacton is manufactured in the UK and imported by
::: Read the Dermacton Reviews :::

Dog With Elephant Skin

Does your dog suffer from black, thickened skin? Has your dogs skin on its belly turned dark and gray?
Does your dogs skin resemble an elephant? ~~ treat it with DERMACTON for dogs ~~

Available in the USA ONLY at

Hair Loss In Dogs

Hair Loss In Dogs Is it possible to condition your dog's skin so that its hair grows back in?
Yes, your dog can grow back its lost fur!
If your dog suffers from hair loss, check out the reviews of Dermacton here.

We are the ONLY supplier in the USA selling Dermacton
visit and buy Dermacton for your Dog.

Learn more about Dermacton

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Pit Bull Mix with Red Skin, Itching and Hair Loss

Dermacton helped this dog heal his red, itchy skin condition. He had lost hair on his back - 1 week later hair has grown in!
::: see the Dermacton Reviews :::

Dog with Bald Spots on its Back

Does your dog have patchy hair loss on its back?
Has the fur on your dog fell out in spots?
Does your pit bull dog suffer from balding?
Is your dog losing hair from itching?
Read the customer reviews on Dermacton. Find relief for your dogs hair loss and promote healthy dog skin conditioning for hair regrowth.


DERMACTON can only be purchased online in the USA at

While searching google for DERMACTON for your dogs skin issues, you may notice that the product name DERMACTON is being spammed by a competitor who is using google Adwords. Don't be fooled. They do not carry Dermacton and never will.

WHY are they doing this? The answer is simple. 
They are using the DERMACTON name because they see from the photographs in our customers testimonials, that it works for dogs persistent skin issues, including: itching, scratching, inflamed skin, and hair loss. They sell competitive products that must not work as well since they don't have the customer reviews and photographs similar to the pictures our customers have sent us of their dogs. Check out the DERMACTON Reviews here.

DERMACTON was developed and is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and is the ONLY source within the USA where you can buy the product online. Shifty bait-and-switch tactics via google Adwords …

Itchy Dog Skin - Calm Your Scratching Dog

Is your dogs itching and scratching driving your dog and your family crazy? Does your dog have reddened or scraped skin from the itching? Is your dog scratching so much it is losing hair from itching? Has your dog scratched itself to the point its skin is scratched up and bleeding? Do you feel bad because you have found nothing that will help your dog to stop the itching?

If you can answer YES to any of the questions above, you need to check out Dermacton. Read the customer testimonials. See the results. Dermacton is an affordable, natural, solution for your dog.
Dermacton is available in a cream, a spray and in a Shampoo Bar. The photos above are of a westie with a persistent skin
problem that he had for 6 months. Dermacton gave
Jake the westie dog relief and healing within weeks!

Dog Losing Hair on Back and Itching

Is your dog losing hair on its back?
Is your dog losing hair in patches on its back?
Are there scabs on your dogs back from itching?
Has your dog lost hair on its back and is the skin red underneath?

Dermacton can help with your dogs itching and hair loss. Read the customer reviews and see pictures of dogs with hair loss on their backs below

The proof Dermacton works on your dogs hair loss, red and scabby skin conditions are in the photographs our customers send us. The photos below of dogs with hair loss on their backs are just some of the pictures Dermacton users have sent us. AMAZING :)

photographs below of dog back hair loss problems courtesy of Equinat-USA Above: dog with hair loss patches on its back before using Dermacton --------- Below: the patchy hair loss  on this dog has regrown hair

dog above with hair loss and scabs on its back before Dermacton
same dog below after 2 weeks of treatment with Dermacton
These are only a few photos of dogs with hair loss on their backs R…

100% Natural Healing for Injured Dog Paws

"Hot To Trot" a 100% all natural dog paw balm made by Green Udders
::: now available exclusively at :::
Made in the USA
The soothing 100% natural solution to your dog's paw pad issues and great for callouses, too.
No petroleum products. No synthetic fragrances. No parabens.
No GMO's. No harmful chemicals. No fake anything.

Add a natural layer of protection to sore, cracked, scraped, injured dog paws.No Paw Pad issues?Pamper your pooch with the luxury spa treatment of a doggie PAWdicure! 
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Dermacton for Dogs: Proof in Pictures

See the PROOF in pictures that Dermacton for dogs WORKS

See more pictures of Dermacton Dogs and testimonials here.

Scottish Terrier with Skin Allergies, Itching and Hair Loss

February 5th, 2014 Our 18 month old Scottish terrier (named Bodega) has struggled with skin allergies his entire life. When I say that we have tried everything-- we have tried EVERYthing to alleviate his itching. We started with weekly baths, daily oral antihistamines, skin scraping, food changes, fish oil - the list goes on and on. After failed attempts, numerous trips to the vets office for infection and our sweet puppy losing hair, we started him on oral steroid tapers. As nurses ourselves, it frightened us to have him on steroids every day because of the terrible long term side effects. I was at my wits end when my husband found Dermacton and we figured it was worth a try. It has changed our lives and the life of our pup! We apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and it has already made such a huge difference in our puppies' allergies and overall skin condition. His skin is healthy, clear of irritation and the smell of the cream is actually quite calm…

Shih Tzu With Hair Loss

January 9th, 2014

We have a 5 year old Shih Tzu we adopted from the local shelter. His name is Rocky. Soon after we brought him home he started having horrible skin flare ups. Took him to the vet. Spent all kinds of money on shots, pills, more pills. Over the counter medicine and cream. Nothing, and I mean nothing worked. While browsing online I came across your page. After reading the testimonials, I figured I would give it a shot. OH WOW! Was I impressed. What an incredible difference after one week of use. I used it faithfully for 2 weeks. Was so happy to see his hair growing back. Now I use it on an as needed basis. I will make sure we always have a jar on hand. The groomer could not believe the difference, he actually had hair to cut! She now recommends Dermacton to her clients.

Thank you so much,

Amy Cochran and Family
Bethalto, Illinois

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Dermacton Review: Dog with Itchy, Yeasty Skin and Hair Loss

Dermacton for Dogs - see the reviews here.