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DERMACTON can only be purchased online in the USA at

While searching google for DERMACTON for your dogs skin issues, you may notice that the product name DERMACTON is being spammed by a competitor who is using google Adwords. Don't be fooled. They do not carry Dermacton and never will.

WHY are they doing this? The answer is simple. 
They are using the DERMACTON name because they see from the photographs in our customers testimonials, that it works for dogs persistent skin issues, including: itching, scratching, inflamed skin, and hair loss. They sell competitive products that must not work as well since they don't have the customer reviews and photographs similar to the pictures our customers have sent us of their dogs. Check out the DERMACTON Reviews here.

DERMACTON was developed and is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and is the ONLY source within the USA where you can buy the product online. Shifty bait-and-switch tactics via google Adwords …

Itchy Dog Skin - Calm Your Scratching Dog

Is your dogs itching and scratching driving your dog and your family crazy? Does your dog have reddened or scraped skin from the itching? Is your dog scratching so much it is losing hair from itching? Has your dog scratched itself to the point its skin is scratched up and bleeding? Do you feel bad because you have found nothing that will help your dog to stop the itching?

If you can answer YES to any of the questions above, you need to check out Dermacton. Read the customer testimonials. See the results. Dermacton is an affordable, natural, solution for your dog.
Dermacton is available in a cream, a spray and in a Shampoo Bar. The photos above are of a westie with a persistent skin
problem that he had for 6 months. Dermacton gave
Jake the westie dog relief and healing within weeks!

Dog Losing Hair on Back and Itching

Is your dog losing hair on its back?
Is your dog losing hair in patches on its back?
Are there scabs on your dogs back from itching?
Has your dog lost hair on its back and is the skin red underneath?

Dermacton can help with your dogs itching and hair loss. Read the customer reviews and see pictures of dogs with hair loss on their backs below

The proof Dermacton works on your dogs hair loss, red and scabby skin conditions are in the photographs our customers send us. The photos below of dogs with hair loss on their backs are just some of the pictures Dermacton users have sent us. AMAZING :)

photographs below of dog back hair loss problems courtesy of Equinat-USA Above: dog with hair loss patches on its back before using Dermacton --------- Below: the patchy hair loss  on this dog has regrown hair

dog above with hair loss and scabs on its back before Dermacton
same dog below after 2 weeks of treatment with Dermacton
These are only a few photos of dogs with hair loss on their backs R…

100% Natural Healing for Injured Dog Paws

"Hot To Trot" a 100% all natural dog paw balm made by Green Udders
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Made in the USA
The soothing 100% natural solution to your dog's paw pad issues and great for callouses, too.
No petroleum products. No synthetic fragrances. No parabens.
No GMO's. No harmful chemicals. No fake anything.

Add a natural layer of protection to sore, cracked, scraped, injured dog paws.No Paw Pad issues?Pamper your pooch with the luxury spa treatment of a doggie PAWdicure! 
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Dermacton for Dogs: Proof in Pictures

See the PROOF in pictures that Dermacton for dogs WORKS

See more pictures of Dermacton Dogs and testimonials here.

Scottish Terrier with Skin Allergies, Itching and Hair Loss

February 5th, 2014 Our 18 month old Scottish terrier (named Bodega) has struggled with skin allergies his entire life. When I say that we have tried everything-- we have tried EVERYthing to alleviate his itching. We started with weekly baths, daily oral antihistamines, skin scraping, food changes, fish oil - the list goes on and on. After failed attempts, numerous trips to the vets office for infection and our sweet puppy losing hair, we started him on oral steroid tapers. As nurses ourselves, it frightened us to have him on steroids every day because of the terrible long term side effects. I was at my wits end when my husband found Dermacton and we figured it was worth a try. It has changed our lives and the life of our pup! We apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and it has already made such a huge difference in our puppies' allergies and overall skin condition. His skin is healthy, clear of irritation and the smell of the cream is actually quite calm…