DERMACTON can only be purchased online in the USA at

While searching google for DERMACTON for your dogs skin issues, you may notice that the product name DERMACTON is being spammed by a competitor who is using google Adwords. Don't be fooled. They do not carry Dermacton and never will.

WHY are they doing this? The answer is simple. 
They are using the DERMACTON name because they see from the photographs in our customers 
testimonials, that it works for dogs persistent skin issues, including: itching, scratching, inflamed skin, and hair loss. They sell competitive products that must not work as well since they don't have the customer reviews and photographs similar to the pictures our customers have sent us of their dogs. Check out the DERMACTON Reviews here.

DERMACTON was developed and is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and is the ONLY source within the USA where you can buy the product online. Shifty bait-and-switch tactics via google Adwords might get hits on a site, but they don't get the end results REAL Dermacton users experience. Don't be fooled by a fake Dermacton link!

Dermacton for Dogs Skin Problems

Octaviah  above is a 12 year old female Maltese dog who received healing relief with Dermacton Cream.

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Dermacton results are NOT fake!


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