Dog Losing Hair on Back and Itching

Is your dog losing hair on its back?
Is your dog losing hair in patches on its back?
Are there scabs on your dogs back from itching?
Has your dog lost hair on its back and is the skin red underneath?

Dermacton can help with your dogs itching and hair loss. Read the customer reviews and see pictures of dogs with hair loss on their backs below

The proof Dermacton works on your dogs hair loss, red and scabby skin conditions are in the photographs our customers send us. The photos below of dogs with hair loss on their backs are just some of the pictures Dermacton users have sent us. AMAZING :)

dog patchy hair loss
Above: dog with hair loss patches on its back before using Dermacton
Below: the patchy hair loss  on this dog has regrown hair
dog hair regrowth

dog with hair loss on its back
dog above with hair loss and scabs on its back before Dermacton
same dog below after 2 weeks of treatment with Dermacton
dog hair loss regrowth

These are only a few photos of dogs with hair loss on their backs
hair loss on my dogs back

Dermacton is available in a cream and a spray. Also, check out the Dermacton Shampoo bar for maintenance after your dogs hair has begun to grow back as well as during your dogs hair loss treatment.


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