Scottish Terrier with Skin Allergies, Itching and Hair Loss

Scottish Terrier

February 5th, 2014
Our 18 month old Scottish terrier (named Bodega) has struggled with skin allergies his entire life. When I say that we have tried everything-- we have tried EVERYthing to alleviate his itching. We started with weekly baths, daily oral antihistamines, skin scraping, food changes, fish oil - the list goes on and on. After failed attempts, numerous trips to the vets office for infection and our sweet puppy losing hair, we started him on oral steroid tapers. As nurses ourselves, it frightened us to have him on steroids every day because of the terrible long term side effects. I was at my wits end when my husband found Dermacton and we figured it was worth a try. It has changed our lives and the life of our pup! We apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and it has already made such a huge difference in our puppies' allergies and overall skin condition. His skin is healthy, clear of irritation and the smell of the cream is actually quite calming. I cannot express my appreciation for this product and what it has done for our only "kiddo"!!!


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