Pit Bull Mix with Hair Loss and Itching on Her Back and Tail

Zoey is a 1 year old american bulldog/pitbull mix. She was getting itchy and starting to suffer from major hair loss on her back and tail. We spent hundreds of dollars trying several medicines prior to finding Dermacton, both over the counter and prescription. We also tried medicated shampoos and oatmeal baths. Nothing seemed to bring her any relief. My husband and I started doing more research and found the Dermacton Cream online and decided it was worth a shot. We ordered it and within a week, it started relieving the itching/redness and she started growing her hair back. We went through one container in less than a week, and ordered another. We're almost out of that bottle and need more!! It seems to be working so well! See for yourself on the included photos. Thank goodness for this product!

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Dog Hair Loss and Itching


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