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Dog Losing Hair on His Sides

This dog is losing hair on his sides. He had skin that was itchy and his belly was red.
1 month of all natural Dermacton treatment and you can see the difference! See more Dermacton Reviews here.

Dog with Itchy, Red Belly - constant scratching and licking

Does your dog have a red, itchy belly?
Help them heal it with Dermacton.
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Shih Tzu Dog: Treating Skin Allergies Naturally

Shih Tzi with skin allergies on her belly. Redness, itching and hair loss, the owners contemplated putting this dog down. 
This Shih Tzu is now healing thanks to Dermacton.

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Dermacton Reviews: Pug Dog with Inflamed, Red Belly and Itching

April 7th, 2014

Hi. I want to let you know how well your products have worked. My pug, Guapo, has suffered from skin issues for a long time. We have spent hundreds of dollars, and many trips to the Vet,trying to get relief. Guapo's itching and pain made me want to cry. I started using the Dermacton bar soap, and the Dermacton cream; it worked wonders! I was willing to try anything and am so glad I did. I can'y explain tghe amazing difference in his skin after a few days; now after a month, he is doing great. I am now using your product on my foster pug that is even worse. Improvements already!!

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Treating Grass Allergies in Dogs Naturally

Does your dog suffer from seasonal allergies? Is your dog allergic to grass? Is your dog itching and scratching?
Does your dog suffer from hair loss?
Does your dog's skin get inflamed, red and have scabs?
Dermacton for dogs can help.
NO STEROIDS. Manufactured in the UK.
100% all natural treatment to condition your dog's skin.
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Dermacton review published April 4th, 2014

Beagle dog with a grass allergy - Itching, Sores, Red Skin, and Hair Loss

All of a sudden our poor 7 yr old beagle, Joey developed an allergy to the grass in our backyard. It made his chest and stomach red and itchy, which became infected with sores. He was miserable. Waking up in the middle of the night scratching himself. He also lost all the hair on his chest. The Vet put him on steroids and antibiotics. That helped until the meds ran out. We went thru 2 series of medication and then decided to find an all-natural alternative. If I remember correctly, he was put on prednisone a…

Dog Allergies and Hair Loss

Toby the Maltese dog makes an amazing recovery from hair loss due to allergies with 5 months treatments with Dermacton cream. Toby had been hairless for 1 & one half years!!