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Dermacton for Dogs - Reviews and Testimonials


Praise be to the Customer Service Workers of the World!

99.99% of our customers are awesome! Then you get that random exception.

Imported and manufactured in the UK, Dermacton products for dogs and Equinat products for horses work wonders for thousands of customers, as you can clearly see from our testimonials and reviews here:

These products are all natural proprietary blends which are the property of Aromesse in the UK, which is also explained on the website. Also, our terms and conditions are on the website as well, which offer a 100% money back guarantee on the PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS. The website isn’t huge, information isn't hidden or in tiny print, and our guess is that the customer in question didn’t bother to read the information before placing an order.

According to the website our terms and conditions are - if you buy it and want to return it - you will pay for the return shipping and lose the original shipping/handling cost. We are a small company and it costs m…

Dogs with Hair Loss on their Backs

Does your dog suffer from back hair loss? Treat your dog naturally - WITHOUT steroids - with Dermacton for Dogs.
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