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Treating a Pomeranian diagnosed with Alopecia X

Treating a Pomeranian diagnosed with Alopecia X with DERMACTON
Dermacton Review from a customer at

This is Prada my 3 year old Pomeranian, she started losing her hair a year ago. Took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Alopcia X (black skin disease) they recommend I gice her Melatonin which is a sleep aid for humans but I did not want to give her that so I was searching for something natural and found "Equinat-USA" and purchased Dermacton Cream and the Dermacton Shampoo bar. I love this product and Prada grew all her hair back full, fluffy and soft.

Thank you!

Nancy Carlito
Windsor, CA

Dermacton: Treating a Dog with Hair Loss on its Back

In TWO WEEKS there is a BIG difference in the
Hair Loss on this dog's back with DERMACTON

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Dermacton for Dogs is NOT A SCAM!

Dermacton for dogs really WORKS - see the reviews here.

These are REAL customer testimonials regarding Dermacton.

This is an actual picture of a dog below sent to us who was
treated with Dermacton purchased at

People use Dermacton products on their dogs
with hot spots, scabbing, open sores, hives, hair
 loss, reddened, blackened and irritated skin
that is most often is accompanied by your dog:
itching, chewing and biting at their skin, scratching,
 rubbing and generally being in distress due to their condition.

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Dermacton is made in the UK and is a Natural Treatment for your
dogs persistent skin conditions, including, but not limited to:

scratching, digging and chewing at their skin, red patches,
dark patches, smelly skin, open sores, redness of the skin,  itchy skin, cuts and scraped skin hot spots, inflamed skin,
hair loss and MORE.

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Help! My dog is Itchy, Scratchy and is Losing Hair

Is your dog itching and scratching like crazy?
Is your dog losing hair from chewing and digging at itself? Is your dog driving you and itself crazy because of the itching?
Is your dogs condition tearing out its hair and reddening its skin?
Does your dog have red bumpy skin and / or open sores? Have you tried EVERYTHING to get relief for your dog?
Have you tried DERMACTON?

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