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Skin and Hair Loss problems in a German Wire Haired Pointer Dog

All Natural Dermacton conditioned the skin of this German Wire-Haired Pointer and his hair is starting to grow back in after 3 weeks of treatment.

See this testimonial and MORE at

Redbone Coonhound With Itchy Skin & Hair Loss

All Natural Dermacton healed this coonhound's skin condition.
See this and MORE Dermacton product reviews here:

Dermacted is formulated; manufactured and imported from England.
Shop for Dermacton in the USA & Canada only at

Treating a Pomeranian With Alopecia X NATURALLY

Check out this Pomeranian Dog that was diagnosed with Alopecia X. Healed NATURALLY with Dermacton from!

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Dog Nose Job - Natural Balm for Dog Noses

Whether your Dog Nose Job is strictly vanity for cosmetic reasons - or, you want to moisturize, soothe and heal a sore canine nose, Green Udders brand Dog Nose Job may be the final fix you need. This incredibly soothing 100% natural balm is the perfect antidote for those problematic dry, cracked, flaky, chapped and crusty canine noses with natural UV protection built right in. Also works fantastic for scar reduction on old and new scars!

No nose issues? Pamper your pooch with the luxury spa treatment of a well hydrated picture perfect show dog nose. Packaged in an easy to open jar that contains 57 grams - 2 ounces of actual product weight that arrives shrink wrapped. A little goes a long way!Formulated & manufactured in the USA, DOG NOSE JOB is made with non-toxic, human grade ingredients with 10 specifically selected natural oils, 3 natural nut butters, 7 high quality essential oils, candelilla wax and natural vitamin E. We don’t skimp when it comes to sourcing excellent ingredien…

All Natural Remedy for an ITCHY DOG

All NATURAL Dermacton for Dogs was developed and is manufactured in the United Kingdom. We, are the ONLY importer distributing these dog skin healing products in the United States. We ship FAST!

Does your dog suffer from extreme itching? Does your suffer from skin rashes, redness or irritation? Does your dog have hair loss?

See the customer reviews with BEFORE and AFTER pictures of dogs with a wide variety of skin conditions here:

we carry the following Dermacton products for dogs:
Dermacton Cream - skin conditioning cream that calms the itch and conditions the skin
Dermacton Spray - skin conditioning lotion that calms the itch and conditions the skin
Ultrasalve - for cuts, abrasions and open wounds.
Dermacton Shampoo - soothing all natural soap that calms the itch and conditions the skin

we also carry the following GreenUdders products for dogs:
Hot to Trot - paw pad balm for sore, cracked or skinned pads
Dog Nose Job - dry, crac…

Healing an Itchy Bulldog with a Belly Rash

All natural Dermacton Reviews:
Bulldog that is Itching and has Rashes

All Natural DERMACTON for Dogs: Reviews

All Natural DERMACTON for Dogs: Reviews & RESULTS
These pictures show Dermacton results: see MORE photo's here

Treating Pit Bull Dog With Skin Allergies Naturally

All Natural DERMACTON works! Check out the complete Dermacton testimonials at here:

Dogs love summer and POOLS!

Dogs are SO MUCH FUN!

Can you imagine a life without a dog (or dogs) in it?

None of us here can!  :)

The staff at

Is your dog ITCHY?

Stop the itching - stop the hair loss - heal sore skin & abrasions even if it is allergy related on your dog!
Check out LiLi the Shar Pei on our Dermacton Reviews page here.

Dermacton Soap for Dogs

Griffin loves Dermacton!


Searching for DERMACTON Reviews?
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Min Pin Dog that is itching, scratching and losing hair...

Skooter, an 11 year old Miniature Pinscher dog gets relief from extreme itching and hair loss with ALL Natural Dermacton products from Read the full story below from our Equinat-USA facebook page.

See MORE Dermacton reviews and testimonials with pictures of dogs with a wide variety of skin conditions here:

Dermacton for ITCHY DOGS

Is your dog constantly itching, scratching and biting at its skin?
Does your dog suffer from hair loss or hot spots?
Is your dogs belly skin red and irritated?
See more DERMACTON reviews here and
see pictures of dogs with various skin problems
that were healed with ALL NATURAL Dermacton.

BUY PetNat Dermacton in the USA at

BUY PetNat Dermacton in the USA at - we ship FAST to customers in the United States and Canada.

We are the ONLY source for Dermacton and GreenUdders 100% natural products for dogs based in the USA! These products are NOT sold in stores.

If you have a dog that is itching, scratching, chewing at itself or is suffering from skin issues due to a wide variety of reasons - including allergies.

See the Dermacton Reviews for proof these products WORK here.

Dermacton Reviews: "...if it wasn't for the testimonials I would have never bought it"

BUY Dermacton for Dogs in the USA at

BUY Dermacton for Dogs in the USA at

We are the ONLY store that stocks Dermacton for Dogs in the USA
serving customers in the United States and Canada


see the Dermacton Reviews and Customer Testominials here


Dog Struggling with Allergies - NATURAL TREATMENT

Dermacton Reviews: "...two weeks and the results are dramatic"

Wish we had known about the miraculous product sooner!! Our poor boy Zebby has been struggling with skin allergies for the last 6 years. We have tried everything; the food switch, the shampoos, steroids, every antihistamine pill under the sun. Nothing would seem to help him gain relief. Thankfully I stumbled upon and Dermacton by chance. I figured "why not"?

Fast forward only two weeks, and the results are dramatic. Even after the first bath using the shampoo bar, Zebby's skin was already starting to heal. The inflammation and redness had already started to decrease!! You can tell by his face that he really enjoys the treatment.
Thank you Dermacton!
Brian Hart
Gastonia, NC

Helping a Dog with Allergies and EXTREME ITCHING

Helping a Dog with Allergies that suffers from EXTREME ITCHING:
All Natural Alternative Treatment with Dermacton
This poor dog named Ipsie shown in the photos below was itching like CRAZY from her seasonal allergies to the point of hair loss, bleeding and scabbing on her back. Her owner treated her with ALL NATURAL Dermacton he purchased from and, much to his astonishment, Ipsie healed and is no longer itchy and and scabby.

See Ipsie's complete story as written by her owner - including many more photographs here!

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Equinat-USA.comhas been in business sellingDermacton products (and more) for dogs and Equinat products for horses online in the USA since 2004, but - we've only recently created a Facebook page (I know, right!? what took us so long?) - so we need your help to build followers and getting the word out about these amazing ALL NATURAL topical skin healing products for dogs and horses.

The customer product reviews on our website have always been our best advertising, along with word of mouth directly from end users - because, YES... we know you talk! And, we hear it all of the time from those you've talked to.

We don't want to circumvent the natural process by "buying facebook likes" - yes, this is actually something you can do. We'd much rather take a legitimate and organic approach and build our facebook presence over time with REAL people who have an actual interest in our product line and truly have a reason to "like it." Of course, if we would have be…

DERMACTON Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs - Customer TIP!


I have been using the Dermacton bar soap since last fall as stated in the testimonial I sent about Weston our West Highland terrier.  I love this bar and wanted to pass along to your customers an easy way to get the most out of it.  Simply place the bar in a knee hi stocking and tie a knot.  Just cut off the excess stocking and your bar will now stay intact until the very waste from it breaking apart. 

Thanks for these wonderful products!
Kathy Danza

Boston Terrier Skin Problems: Natural Remedy

Is your BOSTON TERRIER dog suffering from skin problems? Does your Boston Terrier dog chew, scratch and itch at its skin? Is your Boston Terrier dealing with seasonal allergies or flea allergies that result in sore skin, skin redness, scabbing, red bumpy skin, extreme itching with hair loss? Is your dog constantly digging, scratching and biting at its itchy skin?

Are you searching for a natural remedy for your dogs skin problems?

Dermacton for dogs was developed and is manufactured in England. It is available for purchase in the USA and Canada exclusively from we carry Dermacton Spray, Dermacton Cream and Dermacton Shampoo for dogs with skin problems.

Many Boston Terrier owners have had positive results with Natural Dermacton products in treating their dogs most persistent skin conditions. See the Dermacton Reviews - 30 day money back guarantee on all Dermacton products.

YORKIE Skin Problems: Natural Treatment

Does your Yorkie dog suffer from skin problems? Is your Yorkie or Yorkie mix dog itching like crazy? Does your Yorkie deal with seasonal allergies or flea allergies that result in sore skin, skin redness, red bumps on its skin, extremely itchy skin and/or hair loss? Does your Yorkie have hot spots they are constantly digging, scratching or biting at? Is your dog scratching and itching their skin raw?

Have you tried DERMACTON products for your Yorkie's skin problems? The Dermacton line of all natural canine products may be the remedy you are searching for. Dermacton has helped thousands of dog owners successfully deal with a wide variety of the most persistent skin problems on their dog that nothing else seemed to help. AND... it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee backed up by the product manufacturer in England!

Dermacton Cream, Dermacton Spray and Dermacton Shampoo is available in the USA for purchase direct to the consumer exclusively at We also ship Dermact…

Dog Hot Spots: Natural Remedy

Does your Dog suffer from Hot Spots? Are you searching for a Natural Remedy for your dog's hot spots?

What are Hot Spots on a dog?Hot spots are specific areas or patches that your dog is preoccupied with: chewing, biting, and scratching, digging and extreme itching is a definite sign your dog has a hot spot. Often these hot spot areas will have inflamed red and/or broken, scratched, scabbed or bleeding skin and hair loss is common due to the dog constant attention to these itchy spots.

Have you tried Natural Dermacton to help heal your dogs hot spots?Dermacton is an affordable treatment for a wide variety of dog skin conditions. It soothes the itch and conditions the skin to promote skin health and healing.

Many of our customers have had major success using the entire line of natural Dermacton products in chronic hot spot treatment.The Dermacton Cream is fantastic for direct application when the dogs skin can be seen that is inflamed, red, broken and/or scratched. The Dermacton Spra…

PITBULL Skin Problems: Natural Remedy

If your pit bull, or pit mix dog is suffering from skin redness, rashes, red bumps, itching skin, spots of hair loss, patchy hair loss, hot spots, and /or allergic reactions showing up on their skin? Are they driving themselves crazy scratching or chewing at their itchy skin? PITBULL Skin Problems Natural Remedy: DERMACTON is available in USA and Canada at

Dermacton is an affordable, alternative all natural remedy for pitbulls and pit mixes with a wide variety of skin issues. We have a pit bull dog and we know what it's like to love a pittie! We hate seeing our sweet dog suffer from extreme itching, skin redness, rashes and the resulting hair loss from chewing, biting and itching themselves like wild. We have used all 3 Dermacton products on our pit. The Dermacton Cream is fantastic for direct application when the skin can be seen that is inflamed, red and scratched. The Dermacton Spray is wonderful for itchy and irritated areas that are still covered by hair, sin…

Dog Skin Health

Dog skin health is important. If your dog is having skin issues and you are searching for a remedy that is all natural for your dog, see the DERMACTON REVIEWS. Dermacton is a natural product for your dogs skin issues and is made to condition your dogs skin naturally to stop itching, soothe the skin, promote healing of skin conditions (including allergic reactions), redness, hot spots, weeping red and bumpy areas on your dogs skin, promote hair regrowth in your dog and more.

Dermacton is available for FAST shipment in in the USA and Canada at

Dog Skin Health - see the complete DERMACTON reviews section and pics of dogs with a variety of skin conditions, only a few example pictures of dogs with skin problems are shown above.

Natural Remedy for a Dog Allergic to Fleas

Natural Remedy for a Dog Allergic to Fleas

Dermacton is an affordable natural remedy for dogs that are allergic to fleas.Dermacton calms itching and soothes your dogs inflamed skin.
Dermacton conditions the skin to encourage healing and hair regrowth.
DERMACTON is useful for more than dogs flea allergies!
See the customer REVIEWS and pictures here:

Dog is Losing Hair on its Hind End

If your Dog is Losing Hair on its Hind End you may want to consider treating it with ALL NATURAL Dermacton for dogs. See pics of dogs with skin conditions, including hair loss and balding dogs and read customerreviews for Dermacton products here.

Buy Dermacton for dogs in the USA and Canada at

Natural Treatment for a Dog that is Allergic to Flea Bites

Natural Treatment for a Dog that is Allergic to Flea Bites

Many dogs have allergies, and many dogs are allergic to fleas. This
can result in your dog exhibiting extreme itching, skin irritation; whining,
restlessness and general discomfort. It can also result in hair loss.

Try all natural Dermacton for your dog's skin problems and itching!
see pictures of dogs with various skin conditions

Shop at for Dermacton products for your dog

Natural HELP for a dog losing hair on its TAIL

As you can see below, this is a picture of a dog with a partially bald tail.
This is a yellow lab that had major hair loss on its tail.

This same dog has suffered from hot spots and skin issues in the heat of summer.
All Natural DERMACTON can help heal your dog's skin conditions!
read the DERMACTON Reviews and see pictures of dogs with
a wide variety of skin conditions, including hair loss and itching

Treating Canine Atopic Dermatitis Naturally

Treating Canine Atopic Dermatitis Naturally with Dermacton
Canine Atopic Dermatitis is essentially an umbrella term for dogs suffering from a host of skin conditions with numerous (and often unknown) causes, including allergies.

As you can see by the picture below, this Westie dog
made an amazing recovery with Dermacton products!

See More DERMACTON Testimonials HERE

Treating a German Shepherd with Hot Spots NATURALLY

Treating a German Shepherd with Hot Spots NATURALLY
DERMACTON helps heal hot spots - see the testimonials. The results in pictures with all natural Dermacton tell the story.

SEE the Dog Hot Spot before and after Pictures Here.

Shop to buy DERMACTON.

Treating a Boston Terrier Suffering from Allergies

Treating a Boston Terrier Suffering from Allergies NATURALLY

Dermacton Cream, Dermacton Spray & Dermacton Soap
is available for your dog in the USA only at

:::: SEE the DERMACTON Reviews HERE ::::

Pictures of Dogs with Hair Loss on their Backs

Pictures of Dogs with Hair Loss on their Backs
SEE MORE photographs of dogs with skin problems at

Dog with Red Rash On Belly

Does your dog have a red rash on its belly?
See the proof in pictures that natural DERMACTON works...

See more pictures of dogs with skin problems and the
results they got with all natural Dermacton here.

Can I buy DERMACTON for my dog on Amazon?

Can I buy DERMACTON for my dog on Amazon?

Like many of you, the crew here at loves shopping on Amazon!

We love the fast shipping with Amazon Prime and enjoy reading the product reviews to help us make decisions when buying products.

Sorry, but Dermacton products are NOT SOLD on Amazon - in the USA, is the only authorized distributor and stocker of Dermacton that you can buy from that is located in the USA.

So, why isn't Dermacton sold on Amazon?We import in bulk these Dermacton products for your dogs skin problems direct from the manufacturer in England to get them FAST to customers in the USA and Canada. In order to keep the overall cost down, we pack all orders at our distribution center - farming these operations and products out would increase costs which would then have to be passed along to the end user.

DERMACTON product reviews:
If you want to read the DERMACTON reviews and see pictures of the real results people are getting using these products …