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Treating Skin Conditions in Dogs: DERMACTON Reviews at

January 25th, 2016

I have a 14 year old Shiba Inu Mix named Caleb. I adopted him as a puppy in Central Florida and he was a healthy dog for 4 years. Once we moved to the Ohio Valley he began having some kind of skin allergy twice a year. The cause was undetermined. He would get dark elephant like skin, itch non stop, and lose hair because of it. We went through medications, steroids, food changes, different topical ointments. Some worked for a short time and some didn't. I got tired of pumping him full of steroids time after time and began the search for something with natural ingredients that could help him. I tried to make some different ointments with essential oils, but nothing I created was the right blend. I continued to search the internet and came across and thought it looked amazing when I began reading the testimonials and saw dogs that looked like they had the same symptoms as Caleb. I immediately ordered the Dermacton Cream and Spray. Caleb looked worse …

Does Dermacton for Dogs work?

Dear Friends at Equinat,

I cannot say enough amazing things about this product! We adopted our puppy, Rex, at 3 months old. He is a retriever/pit mix and after about a month, we noticed an increase of bothersome itchy patches on his cheek and back hind leg. He would scratch and lick them all the time. Even with various brands of aloe shampoo/spray, and change of diet, the spots still bothered him and seemed to be getting worse. Where the patches were, he lost his fur. They were red, flaky, and the one on his face started to bleed from all of the scratching. After researching online, I came across a blog that had recommended the Dermacton cream for similar symptoms. I was a little skeptical since nothing else worked, but willing to try anything to help. Especially if it did not involve steroids or expensive alternatives.
After a week of using the cream, we noticed that the itching had dramatically decreased. Today will be about a month after using the cream. Both of the spots have comple…

My Dog is Losing Patches of Hair and is Itching

If your dog is losing patches of hair and is itching,
check out all natural Dermacton for Dogs for the
most troubling skin conditions your dog has. This
may be the remedy you and your dog needs to alleviate the scratching and hair loss.
Dermacton Treatment WORKS!

::: see this and MORE Dermacton Testimonials here for Dogs :::

How to Help a Dog with Flaky and Itchy Skin

Your dog may have flaking skin due to severe itching and the irritation resulting from the itching itself, or it could be allergies. Some dogs have sensitivities to their environment which could affect the condition of their skin, for example: the shampoo you use to bathe your dog in could possibly BE an irritant to your dog's skin because many soaps and shampoos contain chemical agents sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate. These chemical agents are cheap ingredients that provide the foam in many soaps and shampoo.

The Dermacton Shampoo Bar for dogs contains NONE of these cheap chemical detergents and surfactants. The ingredients are all naturally derived and do not contain these harsh detergents. The Dermacton Shampoo Bar is SLS and SLES free. This is especially important when your beloved dog has a sensitive skin condition - including flaky skin.

Discover the DERMACTON line of dog products at and see the DERMACTON testimonials here. 

Help! My Dog Has a BRIGHT RED Belly

Is YOUR dog suffering from bright red skin their belly?

Is your dog itching and chewing at its belly?

Check out DERMACTON  for dogs in the USA at

See more pictures like this dog with a bright red belly and read
the reviews to see if Dermacton for dogs will work for you.

Patchy Hair Loss in Dogs

Treating a dog with Patchy Hair Loss
see more Dermacton Reviews HERE

Dogs with patches of hair loss are itchy and unsettled due
to their skin condition. DERMACTON has been used by
THOUSANDS of customers to treat their dog's most persistent
skin conditions. If your dog is suffering due to a skin condition
and you've tried many remedies without success - you owe it to
yourself and your dog to try all natural DERMACTON.

Help! My Dog is Losing Hair in Patches

If your dog is losing hair in patches, it could for be a variety of reasons. Your dog could have seasonal allergies that irritate the dog's skin to the point your dog is extremely itchy and scratches hair out in patches. Sometimes a dog will develop a skin problem that causes patches of hair loss as well.

All natural Dermacton for dogs is imported into the USA from England and is available in the USA exclusively at See the photos of dogs below with patchy hair loss and the success our customers have had with Dermacton.

See more testimonals and Dermacton Reviews here at

Dermacton Reviews - Buy Dermacton for your dog in the USA

Dermacton Reviews have been updated. We got a bit behind during the holiday season and we've been busy trying to catch up. Oh, and we want to say "all the best to you and yours in 2016" - we truly appreciate our customers!

We expect to be busy this year sending Dermacton out and getting many testimonials from dog owners and dog lovers in regarding the success they've had in treating their dogs difficult skin conditions with Dermacton.

So here's to happy dogs and happy people!

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