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Can I buy DERMACTON for my dog on Amazon?

Can I buy DERMACTON for my dog on Amazon?

Like many of you, the crew here at loves shopping on Amazon!

We love the fast shipping with Amazon Prime and enjoy reading the product reviews to help us make decisions when buying products.

Sorry, but Dermacton products are NOT SOLD on Amazon - in the USA, is the only authorized distributor and stocker of Dermacton that you can buy from that is located in the USA.

So, why isn't Dermacton sold on Amazon?We import in bulk these Dermacton products for your dogs skin problems direct from the manufacturer in England to get them FAST to customers in the USA and Canada. In order to keep the overall cost down, we pack all orders at our distribution center - farming these operations and products out would increase costs which would then have to be passed along to the end user.

DERMACTON product reviews:
If you want to read the DERMACTON reviews and see pictures of the real results people are getting using these products …

Pictures of Skin Problems in Westies

Pictures of Skin Problems in Westies

If your Westie dog is suffering from skin problems such as extreme itching, hair loss, redness of the skin, inflamed bumps on the skin and/or patchy hair loss - you owe it to yourself to check out all natural DERMACTON at

We've helped many Westie dog owners find relief for their Westies Skin conditions. Buy DERMACTON products online in the USA and Canada at

See all of the Dermacton Reviews here.

Dermacton has helped many Westie dogs and their owners find
relief from persistent skin conditions when nothing else worked!

Westie with inflamed red skin on belly
treated with DERMACTON 

Picture of Westie with Patches of Hair Loss
that was treated with all natural Dermacton

Great Dane - Pitbull mix: Healing Skin Problems - Patchy Hair Loss

Great Dane - Pitbull mix: Healing Skin Problems - Patchy Hair Loss
If your dog has skin problems, check out the pictures of dogs with
skin problems and the results they obtained with DERMACTON at

Read customer reviews from REAL PEOPLE here.

Great Dane - Pitbull mix: Healing Skin Problems
The photo below shows results of treatment with DERMACTON

Dermacton Review: Pit Bull Skin Problems - Patchy Hair Loss

Dermacton Review: Pit Bull Skin Problems - Patchy Hair Loss

Does your pit bull dog suffer from skin problems including hair loss, itching, rashes, red bumps, hot spots, black skin, etc?

see the DERMACTON Testimonials for customer reviews here

See pictures of skin conditions in dogs and customer reviews of
success with all natural Dermacton products at

Buy DERMACTON online in the USA

Buy Dermacton online in the USA and Canada at is the ONLY authorized Dermacton distributor in the USA, importing in bulk from the manufacturer in England.

See pictures of dog skin conditions and the dogs (and dog owners) that Dermacton has helped over the years.

We offer Dermacton Shampoo,Dermacton Cream,Dermacton Spray and Ultrasalve.

Dog with Thick Black Skin on His Belly

Wow - here's proof in pictures that DERMACTON works!
If your dog has a skin problem that includes blackened skin, check out
the Dermacton reviews and customer testimonials here at

My Dog is losing Patches of Hair on her Back

If your dog is losing patches of hair on his or her back, you owe it to yourself and your dog to check out DERMACTON. Dermacton is an all natural product that was developed in England and is made
there. is the ONE PLACE you can buy it in the
United States and Canada. See the Dermacton reviews and pictures
of many dogs suffering from various skin conditions and problems.

My dog is losing PATCHES OF HAIR on its body

Dog with patchy hair loss - Customer Review: Dermacton Cream
February 10th, 2016 This is Bane, a 10 month old English Mastiff. A couple of months ago, Bane started shedding and losing patches of hair all over. No one knew exactly what was wrong. After spending money on antibiotics and trying different food trials that did not help, I spent much time researching when I came across I ended up buying a jar of Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream. What a difference this has made--plus it smells wonderful! His hair has slowly starting growing back and he is super soft. Thank you so much for making awesome products. Jenny Phillips
Elizabeth City , NC

see more dermacton reviews and pictures of dogs with patchy hair loss here

Can I buy Dermacton at PetSmart?

We all love PetSmart! Our dogs love going to PetSmart, too. And, here at we get this question ALL of the time. Can I buy Dermacton from PetSmart?

The answer is: No. You can't buy DERMACTON products for dogs at PetSmart - is the only place in the USA where you can purchase DERMACTON products for your dog.

I know, some of you prefer to purchase products from a brick and mortar store - but DERMACTON is only available for sale online in the USA at We import these products direct from the manufacturer in the United Kingdom in bulk so we can get them to our customers in the USA and Canada FAST.

If you have a dog suffering from skin problems including redness, itching, hair loss, skin rash, blackening of the skin, cuts, scrapes and abrasions... etc; you should check out the Dermacton reviews - you might find pictures of a dog or dogs with skin problems that resemble the skin condition your dog may be dealing with.

Pit Bull With Skin Problems and Hair Loss

Is your Pit Bull dog suffering from skin problems? At we have seen a wide variety of pit bulls with different skin conditions that have ultimately been alleviated with all natural DERMACTON products for dogs.

See the testimonial page for more dermacton product reviews and read abut pit bull skin conditions and the dog (and the dogs themselves) success stories.

Dermacton is affordable and works wonders for your pit bulls skin issues.

My Dog is ITCHING and Tearing its Hair Out!

My poor dog. I remember the nights when all I could hear is my dog whining and itching itself like crazy. No matter what home remedy I tried, nothing seemed to help. My dog wasn't sleeping well and neither were we. 

After I discovered an all natural product called Dermacton, all I can say is WOW! We can finally sleep again and my dog isn't itching and tearing its hair out anymore.

See the Dermacton testimonials and reviews. See pictures of dogs with all kinds of skin conditions and the result they got from using Dermacton for their dog.

DERMACTON: Natural Healing for your Dogs Skin Condition

If your dog is plagued by a stubborn skin condition - please see the pictures of skin conditions in dogs and read the DERMACTON customer reviews on the website. You may find photo's there of other dogs that look like a particular skin problem your dog is currently suffering from.

Check the DERMACTON for DOGS reviews here.

Real Dermacton customers. Real results with Dermacton!

Photos of Dogs With Skin Problems

Does your dog have skin issues? Itching, redness, scabbing, blackened skin, cuts from scratching? Hair loss from digging at itchy skin? Bald patches?

Check out the Customer Reviews for Dermacton for dogs at and you might see photos and read testimonials that look like the skin problems your dog is suffering. See the before and after result photos and Dermacton reviews here.

Get your dog the help it needs to alleviate the suffering of dog skin problems with Dermacton for dogs. Your dog could be suffering from a skin problem like those you can see in the photographs our customers send in for Dermacton.

Pictures of Skin Problems in Dogs

If your dog has a skin condition, you might search the internet for "pictures of skin problems in dogs" a search phrase that may bring you to and then to the Dermacton for Dogs customer reviews section of our website.

Once you find us - you can see the testimonials from dog owners and their success using all natural Dermacton to treat their dog's most persistent skin conditions. From major hair loss in dogs, to red and flaky skin, dog rashes, skin abrasions and infections from your dog's extreme itching, red bumps on your dog from allergies and MORE skin problem pictures of dogs.

Check it out - Dermacton may be the remedy you need for your dog's skin problems. See the Dermacton TESTIMONIALS here.

Dog Losing a Big Patch of Back Hair

See the Dermacton testimonials at If your dog is having a skin problem, is itching like crazy and is losing hair and driving everyone in the house (including itself) mad -  Dermacton may be the key in soothing and healing your dog.

You may see a dog with similar a skin condition to your dog, and see the
before & after results in photos sent to us by our Dermacton customers.