PITBULL Skin Problems: Natural Remedy

If your pit bull, or pit mix dog is suffering from skin redness, rashes, red bumps, itching skin, spots of hair loss, patchy hair loss, hot spots, and /or allergic reactions showing up on their skin? Are they driving themselves crazy scratching or chewing at their itchy skin? PITBULL Skin Problems Natural Remedy: DERMACTON is available in USA and Canada at Equinat-USA.com

Dermacton is an affordable, alternative all natural remedy for pitbulls and pit mixes with a wide variety of skin issues. We have a pit bull dog and we know what it's like to love a pittie! We hate seeing our sweet dog suffer from extreme itching, skin redness, rashes and the resulting hair loss from chewing, biting and itching themselves like wild. We have used all 3 Dermacton products on our pit. The Dermacton Cream is fantastic for direct application when the skin can be seen that is inflamed, red and scratched. The Dermacton Spray is wonderful for itchy and irritated areas that are still covered by hair, since it will penetrate to the skin as you pull the coat back and apply. And... the Dermacton Soap Bar is the ONLY shampoo we use on all of our dogs and it contains NO harsh detergents - and NO sudsing chemicals that can be harsh on the skin. And it leaves your dog smelling wonderful! Easy to use, too. Get 'em wet and run the bar over the coat to suds them up. Let the suds penetrate for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. Save the bar in a ziploc bag for the next dog bath.

Read the DERMACTON REVIEWS from customers and see more pictures of dogs, including pitbulls and pit mixes with a wide variety of skin conditions here.

Here are some pics below of Pit Bull dogs with skin issues that were treated with Dermacton:



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