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Helping a Dog with Allergies and EXTREME ITCHING

Helping a Dog with Allergies that suffers from EXTREME ITCHING:
All Natural Alternative Treatment with Dermacton
This poor dog named Ipsie shown in the photos below was itching like CRAZY from her seasonal allergies to the point of hair loss, bleeding and scabbing on her back. Her owner treated her with ALL NATURAL Dermacton he purchased from and, much to his astonishment, Ipsie healed and is no longer itchy and and scabby.

See Ipsie's complete story as written by her owner - including many more photographs here!

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Equinat-USA.comhas been in business sellingDermacton products (and more) for dogs and Equinat products for horses online in the USA since 2004, but - we've only recently created a Facebook page (I know, right!? what took us so long?) - so we need your help to build followers and getting the word out about these amazing ALL NATURAL topical skin healing products for dogs and horses.

The customer product reviews on our website have always been our best advertising, along with word of mouth directly from end users - because, YES... we know you talk! And, we hear it all of the time from those you've talked to.

We don't want to circumvent the natural process by "buying facebook likes" - yes, this is actually something you can do. We'd much rather take a legitimate and organic approach and build our facebook presence over time with REAL people who have an actual interest in our product line and truly have a reason to "like it." Of course, if we would have be…

DERMACTON Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs - Customer TIP!


I have been using the Dermacton bar soap since last fall as stated in the testimonial I sent about Weston our West Highland terrier.  I love this bar and wanted to pass along to your customers an easy way to get the most out of it.  Simply place the bar in a knee hi stocking and tie a knot.  Just cut off the excess stocking and your bar will now stay intact until the very waste from it breaking apart. 

Thanks for these wonderful products!
Kathy Danza

Boston Terrier Skin Problems: Natural Remedy

Is your BOSTON TERRIER dog suffering from skin problems? Does your Boston Terrier dog chew, scratch and itch at its skin? Is your Boston Terrier dealing with seasonal allergies or flea allergies that result in sore skin, skin redness, scabbing, red bumpy skin, extreme itching with hair loss? Is your dog constantly digging, scratching and biting at its itchy skin?

Are you searching for a natural remedy for your dogs skin problems?

Dermacton for dogs was developed and is manufactured in England. It is available for purchase in the USA and Canada exclusively from we carry Dermacton Spray, Dermacton Cream and Dermacton Shampoo for dogs with skin problems.

Many Boston Terrier owners have had positive results with Natural Dermacton products in treating their dogs most persistent skin conditions. See the Dermacton Reviews - 30 day money back guarantee on all Dermacton products.