LIKE us on Facebook for a chance to WIN free merchandise! has been in business selling Dermacton products (and more) for dogs and Equinat products for horses online in the USA since 2004, but - we've only recently created a Facebook page (I know, right!? what took us so long?) - so we need your help to build followers and getting the word out about these amazing ALL NATURAL topical skin healing products for dogs and horses.

The customer product reviews on our website have always been our best advertising, along with word of mouth directly from end users - because, YES... we know you talk! And, we hear it all of the time from those you've talked to.

We don't want to circumvent the natural process by "buying facebook likes" - yes, this is actually something you can do. We'd much rather take a legitimate and organic approach and build our facebook presence over time with REAL people who have an actual interest in our product line and truly have a reason to "like it." Of course, if we would have been an early adopter of facebook for our business, we would have had THOUSANDS of likes already. That being said - YOU can now be an early adopter and "like" on our page!

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