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Min Pin Dog that is itching, scratching and losing hair...

Skooter, an 11 year old Miniature Pinscher dog gets relief from extreme itching and hair loss with ALL Natural Dermacton products from Read the full story below from our Equinat-USA facebook page.

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Dermacton for ITCHY DOGS

Is your dog constantly itching, scratching and biting at its skin?
Does your dog suffer from hair loss or hot spots?
Is your dogs belly skin red and irritated?
See more DERMACTON reviews here and
see pictures of dogs with various skin problems
that were healed with ALL NATURAL Dermacton.

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BUY PetNat Dermacton in the USA at - we ship FAST to customers in the United States and Canada.

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If you have a dog that is itching, scratching, chewing at itself or is suffering from skin issues due to a wide variety of reasons - including allergies.

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Dermacton Reviews: "...if it wasn't for the testimonials I would have never bought it"

BUY Dermacton for Dogs in the USA at

BUY Dermacton for Dogs in the USA at

We are the ONLY store that stocks Dermacton for Dogs in the USA
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see the Dermacton Reviews and Customer Testominials here


Dog Struggling with Allergies - NATURAL TREATMENT

Dermacton Reviews: "...two weeks and the results are dramatic"

Wish we had known about the miraculous product sooner!! Our poor boy Zebby has been struggling with skin allergies for the last 6 years. We have tried everything; the food switch, the shampoos, steroids, every antihistamine pill under the sun. Nothing would seem to help him gain relief. Thankfully I stumbled upon and Dermacton by chance. I figured "why not"?

Fast forward only two weeks, and the results are dramatic. Even after the first bath using the shampoo bar, Zebby's skin was already starting to heal. The inflammation and redness had already started to decrease!! You can tell by his face that he really enjoys the treatment.
Thank you Dermacton!
Brian Hart
Gastonia, NC