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Treating a Pomeranian With Alopecia X NATURALLY

Check out this Pomeranian Dog that was diagnosed with Alopecia X. Healed NATURALLY with Dermacton from!

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Dog Nose Job - Natural Balm for Dog Noses

Whether your Dog Nose Job is strictly vanity for cosmetic reasons - or, you want to moisturize, soothe and heal a sore canine nose, Green Udders brand Dog Nose Job may be the final fix you need. This incredibly soothing 100% natural balm is the perfect antidote for those problematic dry, cracked, flaky, chapped and crusty canine noses with natural UV protection built right in. Also works fantastic for scar reduction on old and new scars!

No nose issues? Pamper your pooch with the luxury spa treatment of a well hydrated picture perfect show dog nose. Packaged in an easy to open jar that contains 57 grams - 2 ounces of actual product weight that arrives shrink wrapped. A little goes a long way!Formulated & manufactured in the USA, DOG NOSE JOB is made with non-toxic, human grade ingredients with 10 specifically selected natural oils, 3 natural nut butters, 7 high quality essential oils, candelilla wax and natural vitamin E. We don’t skimp when it comes to sourcing excellent ingredien…

All Natural Remedy for an ITCHY DOG

All NATURAL Dermacton for Dogs was developed and is manufactured in the United Kingdom. We, are the ONLY importer distributing these dog skin healing products in the United States. We ship FAST!

Does your dog suffer from extreme itching? Does your suffer from skin rashes, redness or irritation? Does your dog have hair loss?

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we carry the following Dermacton products for dogs:
Dermacton Cream - skin conditioning cream that calms the itch and conditions the skin
Dermacton Spray - skin conditioning lotion that calms the itch and conditions the skin
Ultrasalve - for cuts, abrasions and open wounds.
Dermacton Shampoo - soothing all natural soap that calms the itch and conditions the skin

we also carry the following GreenUdders products for dogs:
Hot to Trot - paw pad balm for sore, cracked or skinned pads
Dog Nose Job - dry, crac…